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Coastal Canine is an upbeat, entertaining, and informational magazine for dog lovers. In every issue you will find proof that dogs rescue people and people rescue dogs.

We are thankful to have the luxury of living and working here on the beautiful California Coast. Around us we are provided with an abundance of recreation areas for our dogs, our children, and ourselves. Too often our busy lives keep us from our extraordinary surroundings. Our dogs remind us to put aside work, forget our troubles, and to get out, exercise, relax and enjoy life.

Together with our dogs we explore the trails and paths that lead us to, through, and over beaches, woods, hills, creeks and canyons along our central coast. This magazine is dedicated to sharing the joy of living with, playing with and of course pampering our four legged kids. Our dogs remind us to live in the ever-present moment while they are climbing, swimming, smelling, rolling and romping with their canine friends and us.

With great enthusiasm we bring you Coastal Canine with an intention to entertain and inform, build a bond, and be a resource and sounding board for the coastal canine community.

Keep those tails wagging!


Scott and Carie Broecker

Disclaimer: Coastal Canine is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please seek professional assistance from your veterinarian or qualified dog trainer before implementing any information acquired within these pages. Any resources mentioned are provided as a convenience to our readers; not as an endorsement.


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