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Books Worth Barking About

These are a few of the dog-related books we’ve read and enjoyed. If you know of a book you’d like us to include on this page, please email the title, author’s name and short synopsis to books@coastalcaninemag.com and we’ll check it out.

Angel Come Home

Angel Come Home
By Stuart Wisong

Angel Come Home is a love story about a dog with extraordinary powers of communication, the man who shares her world, and a lost love. Little Angel enters the lives of the rich and famous, the criminal and the redeemed. She learns their scandals and deepest secrets and through her the lives of all those she has touched are changed. Angel Come Home is a story with wisdom, adventure, and sincerity. It is a story that will touch you heart.

A small furry prayer

A Small Furry Prayer:
Dog Rescue and the Meaning of Life

By Steven Kotler

Ever wonder why people go into dog-rescue work?  This memoir not only answers that question, but follows the author’s odyssey from urban money-grubber to enlightened dogrescuer reveling in the universal web of life.  How does this metamorphosis come about?  Through interaction with several unique dogs, and through the author’s love for and marriage to a very special woman. The deep inspiration and humanitarianism that is depicted throughout this brilliant book will have you looking at your dog in a totally different way, while at the same time realizing what it means to be a truly enlightened human being.

modern dog

A Modern Dog's Life
By Paul McGreevy, PhD, MRCVS

In this new book, Dr. McGreevy, award-winning researcher, animal behaviorist, veterinarian and author of five previous books, shares the techniques he uses with his own dogs (pictured on the cover) and helps readers understand the challenges and confusions dogs face living in the modern world. Drawing on the latest research as well as his own expertise, he explains what motivates dogs, what it is they value, what they don’t like and the process by which they learn about the world. He relates why certain aspects of our behavior are mystifying to dogs and why dogs may never comprehend some of our very human tendencies.


An I Boring My Dog?And 99 Other Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew
By Edie Jarolim

Lighthearted but packed with useful information for dog lovers of all levels of expertise, Am I Boring My Dog? is a must-have for who want to be socially responsible but also indulgent with their pet, and those who want to be informed about the latest ideas in care and training. Articulating the questions that many people have about all things canine-related but are afraid to ask, this book reassures, informs, and always amuses.

barking her way to the top

Barking Her Way to the Top
By Howard Rowland

Anyone who loves dogs, lives on the Monterey Peninsula, has ever tangled with the civil service, or has learned/taught a foreign language will love this book! It tells the story of how a beautiful, smart blond lady----Collie, that is-----became head of the Defense Foreign Language Institute (DFLI). The pointed parallels to the Monterey area (Montevista for Monterey, Pacific Forest for Pacific Grove, etc.) really tickled me. And just when the story would start to go off the deep end (talking dogs? werewolves? New Orleans voodoo?), a very logical explanation would set it all straight. I think you will enjoy this humorous novel as much as I did!

Broadway Tales

Bulu: African Wonder Dog
By By Dick Houston

Born on a crocodile farm in Zambia's untamed South Luangwa Valley, the puppy seemed different from his littermates. Too quiet. Unresponsive. Nobody wanted him. Enter Anna and Steve Tolan—former police officers who had left behind their life in England to live in the African bush.  The peculiar puppy suited them perfectly. They named him Bulu, or "wild dog" in the local Nyanja language.

Bulu found his calling as a foster parent to the orphaned baby animals—including warthogs, monkeys, elephants, baboons, bushbucks, and buffalo—cared for by the Tolans. Bulu's story is a joyful confirmation of dogs as unique spirits, capable of love, compassion, and bravery.

Packed with vivid descriptions of encounters with crocodiles, lions, leopards, poisonous snakes, armed poachers, and more, Bulu: African Wonder Dog is for readers of all ages. 


Broadway Tales

Broadway Tales
By Bill Berloni

Bill Berloni has spent the past thirty years training dogs and cats for Broadway productions, primarily using animals rescued from shelters. As a high schooler in 1976, Berloni had rescued an Airedale mixed breed only hours before the dog was slated for euthanasia. The terrier was cast as Sandy in the musical Annie and performed there for seven years.

Berloni’s book is completely engaging as he tells the backstage stories of the shelter dogs who have become superstars in television, film, and theater. Bill also writes about being the first to train actors to work with animals on stage, his love for mutts over purebreds, as well as the four-acre animal retirement compound where he lives.


Broadway Tales

By John W. Pilley with Hillary Hinzmann

Chaser has been called “the world’s smartest dog.” She knows more words than any other species on the planet besides humans. In Chaser, we discover just exactly how this very special Border Collie achieved the seemingly impossible. Chaser’s guardian and trainer, retired psychologist John Pilley, taught his brilliant dog a record-busting vocabulary of 1,000 words. Chaser isn’t unique. Pilley’s training methods can be effectively put to use by any dog-lovers looking to unlock their dog’s potential.

Decoding your dog

Decoding Your Dog
By American College of Veterinary Behaviorists
Editors: Debra Horwitz DVM, DACVB and John Ciribassi, DVM, DACVB with Steve Dale

If only we could understand what was going on in our dogs’ brains and anticipate their needs, we could correct and even prevent unwanted behavior. Despite our best intentions, we’re letting our dogs down by not giving them the guidance and direction they need. In Decoding Your Dog, over 60 top experts from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists have teamed up to give you the most cutting-edge, scientifically accurate information on why our dogs do what they do and how we can prevent and solve common canine behavior problems.

It starts with understanding our dogs, and why they act in certain ways. Decoding Your Dog provides step-by-step training methods, advice, and remedies for behavior problems. The contributors of this book could not have made it any easier.

dog is my copilot

Dog is My Copilot
By Patrick Regan

Patrick Regan recounts 24 real-life rescue stories collected from pilots and their animal-rescue counterparts on the ground. The short, captivating stories are accompanied by more than 100 adorable, poignant color photos. The stories in Dog Is My Co-pilot range from hilarious to heartrending—but the endings are always happy. Most of the pilots will tell you that when these dogs board the plane, they know they are being rescued. They are the lucky ones because waiting for them on the ground, hundreds of miles away, is a second chance at a happy life with a loving family.


Dogku: Dog Haiku Poems
By Diane Grindol and Ginny Tata-Phillips

(Poetry) Dogku is filled with delightful haiku poems about living with dogs. Each haiku is illustrated with a photo.

Messengers of Inner Peace

Dog Lover's Guide to Massage: What Your Dog Wants You to Know By Megan Ayrault

(Health) This book will help you understand the many benefits of canine massage and bodywork. Learn basic techniques to support the physical as well as emotional health of the animals you love.

Dog Sense

Dog Sense By John Bradshaw

(Non-fiction) In Dog Sense, animal behavior and welfare expert John Bradshaw sets the record straight, using groundbreaking research into human-animal interactions to show us the world from a dog’s perspective. Bradshaw debunks a range of popular dog advice, explaining that, far from being domesticated wolves driven by a need for dominance, dogs are unique creatures that have evolved to socialize—and live in harmony—with other species, most notably our own. Bradshaw uses the latest scientific research to show how humans can live in harmony with--not just dominion over-- their four-legged friends.

Messengers of Inner Peace

Dogs: Messengers of Inner Peace By Tootie Hagan

(Inspirational) Learn about the precious gifts that people receive from their dogs. This intimate human-animals connection is depicted through fine art photography and anecdotal stories. 

Dogs Sign too

Dogs Can Sign,Too: A Breakthrough Method for Teaching Your Dog to Communicate to You
By Sean Senechal

(Informational) Imagine being able to ask your poodle, "Who's at the door?" and having her respond, "It's Katy." Or asking your golden retriever, "Do you want a treat?" and him responding, "No, water." Or asking your Border collie, "Which toy do you want?" and getting the response, "Stick."
If you've ever wondered what dogs would tell us if they could, now you can find out. The K9Sign system teaches dogs to communicate to us-making it a first in any dog training book category.

This extraordinary education tool, developed by the creator of AnimalSign Language exclusively for the canine community, teaches people and their pets a unique mode of communication that employs an extensive lexicon of specific signs. Sample signs range from general concepts, such as "Food" or "Play" to identifying special treats, such as "Liver" or "Cheese" and specifying a favorite toy, such as "Ball" or "Frisbee." Signs also include useful questions such as "Who's that?" or "What type?" to naming a particular friend or family member, or even indicating a stranger.

Don't Dump the Dog Cover

Don't Dump the Dog: Outrageous Stories and Simple Solutions to Your Worst Dog Behavior Problems
By Randy Grim

Don't Dump the Dog is written by dog rescuer, Randy Grim. Grim has heard every reason under the sun. But before you load Fido into the back of your car, read this book. In it, Randy addresses the concerns of dog guardians everywhere by responding to letters that he’s actually received. With humor, and from his vast experiences with abandoned dogs, he reveals exactly what you can do to remain calm and fix every bad behavior problem.

Everyday dogs Cover

Everyday Dogs: A Perpetual Calendar for Birthdays and other Notable Dates
By Mary Scott and Susan Snyder

Everyday Dogs celebrates the powerful connection between people and their canine companions through images and literary quotes. The images are of ordinary and extraordinary people and their pooches at home, in the wild, on the farm, atop a Yosemite waterfall, and occasionally even in a formal photo studio.

Accompanying the images are literary tributes and warm, often humorous and insightful observations and quirky quotes about the human-canine relationship by letter writers, journal keepers and famed scribes.

Freddi the dog Cover

Freddi the Dog
By Lisa and Randy Herman

Freddi the Dog is a delightful children's book. Every kid will identify with Freddi. She is the nicest, sweetest mose lovable dog, but she has one teeny, weeny, itsy, bitsy, tiny, naughy bone that gets her in loads of trouble.

Small Dog, Big Life Cover

Genevieve: Small Dog, Big Life. Memoirs of a Furry Genius
As Barktated to Dr. Dennis Fried

It’s hilarious, it’s unusual, and it’s the first ever tell-all by a dog. Introducing Small Dog, Big Life: Memoirs of a Furry Genius. In "Small Dog, Big Life" Genevieve invites you into the inner sanctum of dogdom, revealing canine secrets never before shared with humans, while also passing on her devious tricks-of-the-trade to her legions of furry fans. It is insightful, entertaining, and peppered with sophistication, wit, and charm.

help your dog fight cancer Cover

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer
By Laurie Kaplan

A crash course on canine cancer, for all dog lovers. Covers prevention, diagnosis, treatment options, side effects, diet, supplements and home care. Medical animal writer Kaplan shares journey with her own lymphoma survivor, Bullet. A must read for those who have a dog with cancer.


I'm a Good Dog
By Ken Foster

I’m a Good Dog explores the origins and the tangled history of Pit Bulls with photographs and inspiring stories. At the turn of the century, the Pit Bull was a family dog. More recently they have been given a reputation for being an aggressive breed only good for dogfighting. Ken’s book shatters this misrepresentation.

Today, more than ever, Pit Bulls are contributing to society as pets, athletes, service dogs, therapy dogs, and educators. Ken’s love for Pit Bulls shines through as he gives voice to his friends who cannot speak for themselves.

what dogs know cover

Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know
By Alexandra Horowitz

The relationship between dogs and humans is arguably the most fascinating animal-human bond because dogs evolved from wild creatures to become our companions, an adaptation that changed their bodies, brains, and behavior. Yet dogs always remain animals, familiar but mysterious. With a light touch and the weight of science behind her, Alexandra Horowitz examines the animal we think we know best but may actually understand the least. This book is as close as you can get to knowing about dogs without being a dog yourself.

I, Toto

I, Toto
By Willard Carroll

During the expansion of the Ventura Freeway in Los Angeles, Willard Carroll unearthed a leather-bound scrapbook from a site that was once a pet cemetery. To his amazement, its yellowing pages contained the rags-to-riches story of Terry, the Cairn Terrier who played Toto in the enduring film The Wizard of Oz. Reprinted in its entirety, I, Toto traces the canine star’s tragic beginnings, her exhilarating film career, and her happy retirement in Southern California. Best of all, it offers the inside scoop on Toto’s signature role, her costars, and the making of The Wizard of Oz. Toto’s lovingly illustrated scrapbook features 100 photographs collected over the dog’s life. This unique autobiography has been reissued just in time for the film’s 75th anniversary.


Marley and Me

K-9 Nation Biscuit Book
By Klecko

Master bread baker Klecko combines decades of international baking experience with a lifelong love of dogs to bring you a straightforward, no-nonsense cookbook that puts your dog’s tastes first.

no buddy left behind

Leave No Buddy Behind
By Terri Crisp

Author Terri Crisp is program manager for SPCA International’s Operation Baghdad Pups, and has made dozens of trips to Iraq and Afghanistan to rescue cats and dogs from war and re-unite them with the U.S. soldiers who cared for them abroad.  Each rescue mission is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants experience, and no animal is truly safe until its paws touch American soil.  Terri and her team have saved the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats befriended by military personnel since February 2008, and No Buddy Left Behind tells their stories. This book is not only about rescued dogs and cats, but also about U.S. soldiers trying to survive the horrors of war and readjusting to life back home. 

Let's have a dog party cover

Let's Have a Dog Party!
By Ingrid e. Newkirk, Founder of PETA

Let's Have a Dog Party!, gives dog guardians oodles of tips and tricks on how to celebrate your canine every day! Packed with anecdotes from PETA's president and many other dog-friendly folks, this book is a "must-have" for any dog parent and includes Party plans and themes, scrumptious celebrity recipes for four- and two-legged party guests, gift suggestions, party games, and loads of tips for finding Fido's next favorite toy!

Lost dogs Cover

The Lost Dogs
By Jim Gorant

Pit Bulls were originally bred as family pets before unscrupulous people started using them in illegal dogfighting. Difficult to read, graphic descriptions of Michael Vick’s abuse of the dogs is followed by the story of Vick’s arrest and conviction. The second half of the book describes the shelters and rescue groups that socialized the victimized dogs so they could be adopted into the loving homes they deserved.  Especially effective are the sections vividly told from a dog’s point of view.

Love Heels Book Cover

Love Heels:Tales from Canine Companions for Independence
By Patricia Dibsie, Foreward By Dean Koontz

Witness the true definition of unconditional love revealed in the remarkable stories featured in -LOVE HEELS-Tales From Canine Companions for Independence, a beautifully designed and illustrated book celebrating people and dogs. The organization, Canine Companions For Independence (CCI) is a not-for-profit organization that -- with the help of so many volunteers-- breeds, raises, trains, and then places it’s exceptional canine graduates with disabled children and adults who are in need of their assistance. Then a very special bond between human and canine companion is established.

Marley and Me

Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog By John Grogan

(Autobiographical novel) Who hasn’t read this book yet? It’s a sweet, funny, and poignant story about Marley, a hyperactive, mischievous, yellow Lab and the family that loves him.

moments with baxter cover

Moments with Baxter By Melissa Joseph

(Nonfiction) Moments with Baxter is a collection of touching, true stories about the poignant connection between Baxter, an 19-year-old therapy dog, and the hospice patients and their families to whom he brings comfort and love. During the last six years, Baxter has helped hundreds of patients ease out of their lives with dignity and peace. His uncanny intuition and almost human responsiveness demonstrates the unique and inextricable bond between human and dog.

my dog is blind

My Dog is Blind, but Lives Life to the Full
By Melissa Joseph

(Nonfiction) It can seem like the end of the world when the vet tells you that, sadly, your beloved dog is going blind; it’s natural to put yourself in that situation and imagine how catastrophic this news would be. In My Dog Is Blind, author Nicole Hosky shares advice, guidance, and practical information about living with and supporting a blind dog.


97 Ways to make your Dog Smile

97 Ways to Make Your Dog Smile By Jenny Langbehn

(Inspirational) Learn about the precious gifts that people receive from their dogs. This intimate human-animals connection is depicted through fine art photography and anecdotal stories. 

protect and serve Cover

Protect & Serve By Maria Larsen

(Fiction) Retired police officer and award-winning author Maria Larsen tells a new, captivating tale about the unbreakable bond between a female K-9 handler and her dog.

Come on a ride-along with Officer Angela Howland and her black shepherd partner Radar (aka Ray). Feel the thrill, frustration and grief police officers go through at work and in their personal lives. Nobody can hide from Ray’s superior nose.

This is a must-read crime thriller for dog enthusiasts.

resucing riley

Rescuing Riley By Zachary Anderegg

(Memoir) While hiking on a solo vacation in a remote, uninhabitable region of Arizona, Zachary Anderegg happened upon Riley, an emaciated puppy clinging to life, at the bottom of a 350-foot canyon. In a daring act of humanity, Zak single-handedly orchestrated a delicate rescue. As a former U.S. Marine sergeant, Zak was one of only a few people with the mettle and physical wherewithal to get Riley out. And in rescuing him, Zak was also attempting to save himself, conquering the currents of cruelty that swelled beneath his early life and always threatened to drown him.

resku Cover

Resku: Haiku Poetry By Diane Grindol and Ginny Tata-Phillips

(Poetry) Diane Grindol and Ginny Tata-Phillips have done it again with another beatuiful and clever book of haikus. RESKU: Haiku Poetry celebrating the love between rescued dogs, their people and the shelters and angels who make it possible. The earlier books of haiku include Dogku and Catku.

resku Cover

Ricochet:Riding a Wave of Hope with the Dog Who Inspires Millions

By Judy Fridono with Kay Pfaltz

Ricochet, the beloved service dog who became the SURFice dog and is now a worldwide YouTube sensation, came into Judy Fridono's life on a wave of serendipity, and her life forever changed. After Ricochet was released from her service dog training for chasing birds, she found her doggie destiny in the most unexpected of places: on a surfboard. When Judy finally embraced Ricochet's true calling, amazing things began to unfold.

Because of Ricochet's gift, the lives of numerous people have been changed. A true pawtobiography about the healing power of an ordinary dog with an extraordinary spirit, Ricochet’s story is a reminder to stay true to ourselves, celebrate our uniqueness, and appreciate the vast ocean of potential inherent in each of us. 

rin tin tin Cover

Rin Tin Tin - The Life and the Legend By Susan Orlean

(Nonfiction) A litter of German Shepherd puppies is found by a young American soldier amidst the carnage of World War I. This is the inspiring true story of Rin Tin Tin, told by Susan Orlean (The Orchid Thief.) From silent film star to a television show during the 50s, to Rinty’s present-day descendants, the story of this immortal canine and those he touched is unforgettable.

Rufus Rhymes Cover

Rufus Rhymes By Ron Burns

"The concept for Rufus Rhymes came from my simple daily interactions with my dogs. Like so many other people, I have always talked to my pets and commonly refur to myself as ‘Dad’ and my wife Buff as ‘Mom.’ So, for me it was natural to do a book you can read to your dog. I wanted it to have that same cozy feel that nursery rhyme books have for children, but of course the words needed to be dog-related. I asked my good friend Andy Demsky, a writer, to take a few common nursery rhymes and write new dog-centric lyrics. He wrote two great lullabies that I instantly connected with – Rock-a-Bye Rufus and Twinkle, Twinkle I’m a Star. And so started the journey of Rufus Rhymes..."

Rufus Rhymes Cover

Saving Gracie By Carol Bradley

Puppy mills have been around for decades, and it is one of America's most shameful secrets. It is a hidden world of substandard kennels, where dogs are caged like chickens and forced to produce puppies over and over, until they can produce no more. 

SAVING GRACIE chronicles how one little dog is transformed from a bedraggled animal worn out from bearing puppies into a loving, healthy member of her new family; and how her owner, Linda Jackson, is changed from a person who barely tolerated dogs to a woman passionately determined not only to save Gracie's life, but also to get the word out about the millions of American puppy-mill dogs who need our help.


complete singles guide cover

The Complete Singles Guide to Being a Dog Owner
By Betsy Rosenfeld

Betsy Rosenfeld, is an expert when it comes to dog rescue. The go-to girl for all things dog in LA, she's rescued dogs for everyone from singles and married couples to celebrities. Seeing too many dogs given up for reasons that could have been avoided inspired her to write The Complete Single's Guide to Being a Dog Owner. A 'single' herself, the book gives the answers to everything when it comes to being a ‘single’ dog parent: what to consider before getting a dog, the cost of raising a dog, what breeds are best for ‘singles’ and your lifestyle, dating with your dog, what to feed your new dog/puppy, what do with your pooch while you work all day or travel, traveling with a dog, saying goodbye when the dogs time is up.

speaking for spot Cover

Speaking for Spot By Dr. Nancy Kay

(Non-Fiction) Dr. Nancy Kay, fueled by her passion to teach people how to be effective medical advocates for their four-legged best friends, has written an important and unique book. Gone are the days of simply following doc’s orders-today’s dog lovers are confronted with health-care decision-making on many levels.
With warmth, candor, and humor cultivated over 20-plus years of working with dogs and their human companions Dr. Kay provides an insider’s guide to navigating the potentially overwhelming, confusing, and expensive world of veterinary medicine. The result is everything you need to know in one fabulous, fully illustrated book. Speaking for Spot is the consummate guide on how to be your best friend’s medical advocate!

Organic Dog Biscuit Cover

The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Kit
By Jessica Disbrow and Eric Talley

It's so easy to please your best pal with a special treat-now how about some that are super-yummy, easy to make, and organic? The very best! With the Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Kit from Bubba Rose Biscuit Company, you'll find 25 ways to do it- and all of the treat recipes are free of wheat, corn and soy. The kit even includes cookie cutters to make fun shapes.

The Dog Listener

The Dog Listener: Learn How to Communicate with Your Dog for Willing Cooperation By Jan Fennell

(Training) Jan Fennell teaches that one can best train dogs by emulating natural behaviors. Her methods are intelligent, straightforward and humane. Her knowledge and love of dogs is expansive and her concern for their wellbeing balances kindness and appropriate discipline.

Messengers of Inner Peace

The Other End of the Leash By Patricia McConnell, PhD.

(Training) Patricia McConnell is an animal behaviorist and professor of zoology at the University of Wisconsin Madison. McConnell teaches dog owners to pay attention to their own behavior. Drawing on anecdotes from her professional practice, research into the work of other dog trainers and personal experiences with her beloved Border collies, she explains how a dog might be misinterpreting signals from its owner. 

They call me Lola

They Call Me Lola

By Joe Garcia and Maria Larsen

(Non-Fiction) Patricia McConnell is an animal behaviorist and professor of zoology at the University of Wisconsin Madison. McConnell teaches dog owners to pay attention to their own behavior. Drawing on anecdotes from her professional practice, research into the work of other dog trainers and personal experiences with her beloved Border collies, she explains how a dog might be misinterpreting signals from its owner. 

Thudner Dog

Thunder Dog By Michael Hingson with Susy Flory

(Non-fiction) In Thunder Dog, follow Michael and his guide dog, Roselle, as their lives are changed forever by two explosions and 1,463 stairs. When the first plane struck Tower One, an enormous boom, frightening sounds, and muffled voices swept through Michael’s office while shards of glass and burning scraps of paper fell outside the windows. But in this harrowing story of trust and courage, discover how blindness and a bond between dog and man saved lives and brought hope.


Trailhounds Handbook By Ellen Eastwood

(Informational) The Trail Hound’s Handbook reinvents the hiking guidebook as a pet-focused, outdoor activity guide for kids and their families. With a lighthearted voice and a slew of fun facts, the format provides immediate payoff to the curious hiking novice and dog-loving kid, as well as valuable common sense skills to support a lifetime of outdoor adventure.  

Training People

Training People: How to Bring Out the Best in Your Human By Tess of Helena

(Informational, Humor) Training people is a cute little book written from a dog’s perspective. This book turns dog training on its head and describes choosing your human, basic training, discipline, getting the food you want, the human pup, and what to do when your human gets old.

Underwater dogs cover

Underwater Dogs By Seth Casteel

From the water's surface, it's a simple exercise: a dog's leap, a splash, and then a wet head surfacing with a ball, triumphant. But beneath the water is a chaotic ballet of bared teeth and bubbles, paddling paws, and fur and ears billowing in the currents. From leaping Lab to diving Dachshund, the water is where a dog's distinct personality shines through; some lounge in the current paddling slowly, but others arch their bodies to cut through the water with the focus and determination of a shark.

Underwater Dogs features eighty portraits by award-winning pet photographer and animal rights activist Seth Casteel.

Underdogs cover

Underdogs By Caryn Casey

UNDERDOGS was written in part to illustrate how dogs really end up in rescues- so often through the decisions and choices made by human beings, and to offer useful information to assist in protecting dogs we might adopt, those we already love, and those in the community. Understanding the ways in which our dogs might be at risk, how some laws have changed, designed to garner greater protection for our animals, as well as hands on tips to make good proactive decisions for our pets are just some of the elements found in UNDERDOGS that will keep dogs out of shelters and rescues. Shockingly, this can happen even if it is unintentional; the chapter that exposes Class B dealers who steal small dogs for use in laboratory testing is an example of this. The dogs featured in the book symbolize counterparts all over the world that have found themselves in similar hopeless situations, but UNDERDOGS is at the heart, a celebration of the immeasurable value that can come when adoption is done well. It reminds us no matter how bleak the future looks, change can come. A new reality might only be a moment away.

Unlikely Friendships cover

Unlikely Friendships By Jennifer Holland

Nature journalist and senior writer for National Geographic magazine, Jennifer Holland, has written a beautiful new book titled Unlikely Friendships. The book is filled with stories of remarkable interspecies friendships from around the world. As if giving voice to the animal kingdom, this book speaks volumes and sets an inspiring example of how just about anybody can get along.

Despite such differences as size and appearance, predator/prey instincts, and even habitat restrictions, the many vastly different creatures in this book have developed ongoing friendships with other species, including some who would normally be at odds with each other. Among the forty-seven stories in the book, many include unusual friendships forged by canines. There are dogs who have befriended owls, cheetahs, dolphins, elephants, and pandas, and even a koi fish and Golden Retriever who look forward to their regular visits with each other.

Unlikely Friendships cover

Wallace By Jim Gorant

Today, Wallace is a champion. But in the summer of 2005, he was a refugee from a suspicious Pit Bull breeding operation and was living in a shelter. Then Andrew “Roo” Yori entered the picture. A scientist and shelter volunteer, Roo could tell immediately that Wallace was something special, and he adopted him. Roo knew Wallace needed a mission, and serendipity led them to the world of competitive Frisbee dogs. After overcoming everything from injuries to prejudice against the breed, the unlikely pair became World Champions. This is their story.

Mama & Boris

Welcome Home Mama and Boris
By Carey Neesley and Michael Levin

Welcome Home, Mama & Boris tells the tale of one sister’s tribute to her fallen brother by bringing his beloved dogs home from Baghdad, and it is also about the everyday heroes who are still rescuing the amazing animals who sustain our soldiers’ spirits. 
The authors recount Carey’s inspiring, heart-wrenching and heartwarming fight to retrieve her fallen brother’s two surviving dogs, which he saved while serving our country in Iraq. Carey devoted herself to bringing Peter’s dogs home to the U.S. It was the final honor she could pay to her brother and also a way of keeping a piece of him with her.


wet dogs

Wet Dog
By Sophie Gamand

Every dog parent knows too well the fun and misery of bath time: the wriggles, the poignant looks, the playful splashes. With over 120 portraits, most of which have never been seen before, WET DOG is a stunning and touching capture of this intimate moment. Elevating dog photography to the status of art, these expressive portraits of our canine friends mirror our very own human emotions.


When it Reigns, It Pours: Dog Tales

When it Reigns, It Pours: Dog Tales By Maria Larsen

(Memoir) San Diego policewoman, Maria Larsen, opens her heart, bares her soul, and shares her horror at the abuse and neglect she witnessed as well as the healing that takes place when a human and a dog share a bond and trust that go far beyond any other relationship on earth. For anyone who has ever temporarily lost their way, Maria’s story will resonate with you and will inspire you.

Winery Dogs Cover

Winery Dogs of Central California

(Table Top) Winery dogs are immortilized with stunning photos in the Winery Dogs of Central California book. Enjoy a table top book of many of the adorable canines of central california wineries in this hard cover book! You will spot dogs from Chumeia Vineyards, Bianchi, Eberle, Firestone, Martin & Weyrich and Tobin James!

Your Adopted Dog

Your Adopted Dog: Everything You Need to Know about Rescuing and Caring for a Best Friend in Need By Shelley Frost and Katerina Makris

(Informational) Your Adopted Dog provides families adopting/rescuing dogs with clear-cut advice and step-by-step guidance and support to help make the adoption process successful for you and your dog.

Your dog is your mirror

Your Dog is Your Mirror By Kevin Behan

(Informational) Kevin Behan proposes a radical new model for understanding canine behavior: a dog's behavior and emotion, indeed its very cognition, are driven by our emotion. The dog doesn't respond to its owner based on what the owner thinks, says, or does; it responds to what the owner feels. And in this way, dogs can actually put people back in touch with their own emotions. With thirty years experience working with dogs, Behan demonstrates that dogs and humans are connected more profoundly than has ever been imagined — by heart — and that this approach to dog cognition can help us understand many of dogs' most inscrutable behaviors. This groundbreaking, provocative book opens the door to a whole new world of communication and understanding between species, and perhaps a whole new understanding of ourselves.


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