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Community Board

Each quarter we have a different theme for our community board submissions. We invite our readers to submit a photo to be posted here and some will be printed in the magazine as well. Our Winter 2017 theme is Canine Snow Bunnies (dog frolicking or posing in the snow) Photos must be at least 800 x 800 pixels. The deadline for submissions is January 1, 2017. Please submit your photos to community@coastalcaninemag.com.

Dynamic Duos (Best Buds)- Fall 2016 Theme
101_1809 aurelia&diego

Bernie and Truman

Luke and Brodie

101_1809 aurelia&diego

Sadie and Bella

Riley and Ruby

101_1809 aurelia&diego


Kizzy and Daisy

101_1809 aurelia&diego

Geof and Daisy

Stuart and Logan

101_1809 aurelia&diego

Piper and Amber

Tiny chis.

101_1809 aurelia&diego

Honey and Viking


101_1809 aurelia&diego

Hal and Ella

Porter and Emerson

101_1809 aurelia&diego

Bubbles and Beau

Grace and Z

101_1809 aurelia&diego

Hal and Annie

Pug and Frenchie

101_1809 aurelia&diego

Zeus and Freddie


101_1809 aurelia&diego

Shelby and Gracie


Snuggle Time - Winter 2016 Theme
101_1809 aurelia&diego



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



evie&willow Haley_Amelia



haneen&cody Hudson_Amelia



kingston&jonah malcolm&robert



nicholas&bryce salinaspdk9charro&hishandler



shaggy&zeke dixie and angelo



Dogs and Babies Fall 2015 Theme
tabor&sasha aurelia&diego

Tabor and Sasha

Aurelia and Diego

evie&willow Haley_Amelia

Evie and Willow

Haley and Amelia

haneen&cody Hudson_Amelia

Haneen and Cody

Hudson and Amelia

kingston&jonah malcolm&robert

Kingston and Jonah

Malcolm and Robert

nicholas&bryce salinaspdk9charro&hishandler

Nicholas and Bryce

Salinas PD K9, Charro and His Handler

shaggy&zeke dixie and angelo

Shaggy and Zeke

Dixie and Angelo

Big Buddy/Little Buddy - Summer 2015 Theme
two friends jewel and buddy

Two Friends

Jewel and Buddy

nikkis, kingston, and samson eus, Huckleberry, and Dublin

Nikki, Kingston, and Samson

Zeus, Huckleberry, and Dublin

rudy and jax romeo and spike

Rudy and Jax

Romeo and Spike

patrick and paloma ranger and jake

Patrick and Paloma

Ranger and Jake

max and friend koda, cupcake and river

Max and Friend

Koda, Cupcake, and River

egg nog and guiness shadow and pearl

Eggnog and Guiness

Shadow and Pearl

two sweet dogs eunice and bella

Two Sweet Dogs

Eunice and Bella

bella and meeshka maggie and rya

Bella and Meeshka

Maggie and Rya

Favorite Hikes- Spring2015 Theme
cypress and marina seaside beach

Cypress and Marina

Seaside Beach, Fort Bragg

gracie and bronson tennesseeand chocbits

Gracie and Bronson

Tennesse and Chocobits

carmel meadows seaside beach

Carmel Meadows

Seaside Beach, Fort Bragg

jack's peak snivley's ridge

Jack's Peak

Snivley's Ridge

anza trails huckleberry

Anza Trail

Huckleberry Hill

truckee brazilranch

Upper Truckee River

Brazil Ranch, Big Sur

fort ord lmb

Fort Ord

Land of Medicine Buddha

felton virginialake


Virginia Lake

skytrail fort ord

Sky Trail, Garland Ranch

Fort Ord

creekside brazil ranch

Creekside Terrace, Fort Ord

Brazil Ranch, Big Sur

badger blm

Badger Hills Trail

Bureau of Land Management

murphy ridge

Creekside Terrace, Fort Ord

Snivley's Ridge, Garland Ranch

monument waterfall

Fort Ord National Monument

Water Fall Trail, Garland Ranch

asilomar taylor creek

Asilomar Beach

Taylor Creek, South Lake Tahoe

buddha1 creekwalk

Fort Ord National Monument

Creek Walk, Homewood, Alabama

carmel beach lovato

Carmel Beach

Lovato Trail Park, Scotts Valley


Phil's Beach


three dogs yukon

Hershey, Diva, Bernie


toby spice



travis daisy




buddy comet



tudor lucca



darby minnie



lucy nicholas



phoebe punpernickle



sally shadow



beth ruby



itsey ruby



nicholas lucy and augustus


Lucy and Augustus

ghostbusters ava and gus

Kramer, Demi, Nathan

Ava and Gus

dexter cody



bubbles and jimmy gracie

Jimmy and Bubbles


bubbles piper



piper bear



cosmo bailey



tucker and cosmo lucy

Tucker Cosmo


jolly mon chanti

Jolly Mon


tudor chanti



jordan hudson



sasha lupita



lulu chewie



sniper chewie



astrid gracie



gabby and jake buff

Gabby and Jake


sparky pippin



lars cyon and uti


Cyon and Uti

tally nolan



nax tess



bago mow



cosmo captain



lula lucca

Jolly Mon


hera hunter



jimmy bailey



skye Kody



payton fiona and chance


Fiona and Chance

chester frnaklin and kirby


Franklin and Kirby

harley changterelle



casey rowdy and scrappy


Rowdy and Scrappy

wilson hazel



gg and kona Jet

GG and Kona


Star spark



lula Kody



champ kody



gracie Gracie



chompers korby



beauceron nikki



gusfrisbee safari and cedar


Safari and Cedar

pippin Kasey

Pippin and Burton in Westminster, CO.

Kasey at Wolf Creek Pass, CO.

pippin Kasey

Pippin and Burton in Westminster, CO.

Kasey at Wolf Creek Pass, CO.

ruby sunshine

Ruby in Park City, UT.

Sunshine at Tioga Pass, CA.

maverick lexi

Maverick in LaPorte, CA.

Lexi in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

luka logan-and-sophie

Cayenne and Luka in Truckee, CA.

Logan and Sophie in Truckee, CA.

chuy bailey

Chuy in Buckhorn, CA.

Bailey in Buckhorn, CA.

piper nicholas

Piper in Palmdale, CA.

Nicholas in Yosemite, CA.

nikki steelydanr

Nikki in Aurora, CO.

Saraya, Bailey, and Steely Dan in OH.

Indy and Jazper cletcher

Indy and Jazper in Reno, NV.

Flethcer in Graegel, CA.

missy, monet,bob disa

Missy, Monet, and Bob in Prescott, AZ.

Disa in Graegel, CA.

china luka

China in Las Vegas, NV.

Luka in Turckee, CA.

bob max

Bob in Prescott, AZ.

Max at Crater Lake, OR.

miner dogs



Cinnamon, Jake, and Bob in Prescott, AZ.

Missy, Booboo, Jazz, Bob & Roxy in Prescott, AZ.

sissy pepper

Bama and Diesel kissing Gracie.

Pepper getting kisses.

graham daisy

Graham kissing Gina.

Daisy kissing Ryan (baby guinea pig.)

jenny ava and gus

Jenny kissing Matt.

Ava kissing Gus.

nigel jade

Lars kissing Jennifer.

Jade kissing Julia.

maddie lisa

Maddie giving kisses.

Lisa, Rudy, Henry, and Murphy

snowy amigo

Mickey kissing Snowy.

Amigo giving kisses.

niklas nicolas

Niklas kissing Mitch.

Nicholas kissing Ronan.

shadow pismo

Shadow kissing Shannon.

Pismo kissing Shoddy.

maxfield joey

Maxfield submitted by Velvet Brown..

Joey submitted by Dave Carder.

blue luna

Blue submited by Michael Marsh.

Luna submitted by Michael Marsh.

nick maxwell

Nick submitted by Karan Johnson.

Maxwell submitted by Connie Shelstad.

nicholas bailey

Nicholas submitted by Vicki McKee.

Bailey and Chuy submitted by Ken Nelson.

sugar Shambhalina

Sugar submitted by Valerie Henderson..

Shambhalina submitted by Lucinda McDermott.

tucker athena

Tucker submitted by Brenda Murdock.

Athena and Akira submitted by Liz Carlin.

henry remington and emy

Henry submitted by Jamie Kitz.

Remington and Emy submitted by Lisa Pomerance and Denise Panzich.

cody molly

Cody submitted by Kellie Murphy.

Molly submitted by Kellie Murphy.

dixie tinaspreck

Dixie submitted by John and Carolyn Karnofe.

Reggie, Ginger, and Maki submitted by Marti Keeck.

piper and hazel maggie

Piper and Hazel submitted by Lanier Fairchild.

Ms. Maggie submitted by Sheila Husser.

bubbles ava

Bubbles submitted by Sharilyn Cabelera.

Ava submitted by Sharilyn Cabelera.

pumpernickel jet and skye

Pumpernickel submitted by Kristen Biba.

Jet and Skye submitted by Dee Harnish.

gus rebar and artie

Gus submitted by Cindie Farley.

Rebar and Artie submitted by Ben and Mary Roberts.

winston tex

Winston submitted bu Jennifer Davis.

Tex submitted by Les Waddel.

tessie athena

Tessie submitted by Heidi Marsolais.

Athena submitted by Liz Carlin.

kasey morro bay

Kasey at Mesa Verde National Park

Yappy, Max, Spunky, and Cocoa at Morrow Rock, Morro Bay

hersheydiva tin

Hershey and Diva at Half Dome

Tina at Fisher Towers, Utah

nikki yappy

Nikki at Mount Shasta Lavendar Farm

Yappy at Mount Rushmore

sailork robby

Sailor at Buckingham Palace

Robby II at Santa Cruz Wharf

sunny and annie okie

Sunny and Annie at Pigeon Point, Pescadero

Okie at the Santa Cruz Lighthouse

cowboy cali

Cowboy at Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

Cali at Half Dome

lola three girls

Lola at the Valencia Hotel, La Jolla

Dolly, Roxie, and Dixie at Half Dome

maverick ranger

Maverick - Cover Dog Winter 2013


sadiebooboo splash

Boo Boo


toby jenny



miles sugar



allie winston



ritar lucy



george sadie



misty roscoe



ava brix



andre buddy



Barney and Bogie bud

Barnie and Bogie


coco cantona



daria layla



peter bentley



kiki pepe



greta lucy



sadie autumn


Autumn, submitted by Devin Parr, Watsonville.

batman lucy

Batman, submitted by Kristin Rice Biba, San Jose.

Lucy, submitted, by Cindy Gjers, Scotts Valley.

nick sophia

Nicholas, submitted by Steven Polkabla, Pacific Grove.

Sophia, submitted by Jacqueline and Ryan Llorin, Marina.

abbie beau

Abbie, submitted by Joann Johnson and Roger Wolf, Pacific Grove.

Beau, submitted by Crystal Miller, Monterey.

sasha and lassie

Sasha and Lassie, submitted by Allen Burton, Pacific Grove.


piper and hazel four pups in tub

Piper and Hazel submitted by Lanier Fairchild, Carmel Valley.

Bonnie, Axel, Electra, and Springer submitted by Brett and Joy Swanke, Monterey.

bozley and honey bonnie and clyde

Bozley and Honey submitted by Donna Steward, Aptos.

Bonnie and Clyde submitted by Linsey Sodam, Pacific Grove.

riley and bella heidi penny and cookie

Riley and Bella, submitted by Jane Russon, Monterey.

Heidi, Penny and Cookie submitted by Joanna Dover, Santa Cruz.

butch and jake nbailey and nipper

Butch and Jake, submitted by Jean Hantalas, Carmel.

Bailey and Nipper submitted by Gwenn Urgo, Carmel Valley.

bogey and oscar vito and jake

Bogey and Oscar submitted by Connie Reeves, Salinas.

Vito and Jake submitted by Masha Fellman, Felton.

lila and sophie rudy and henry

Lila and Sophie submitted by Erreca Batchelor, Carmel.

Rudy and Henry submitted by

kona and gigi toby and Kizzy

Koan and GG submitted by Diane Grindol, Pacific Grove.

Toby and Kizzy submitted by Rita Escalante, Santa Cruz.

ruday and addison hudson and samuel

Rudy and Addison submitted by Jamie Kitz, Salinas.

Hudson, Samuel, and Jackson submitted by Christine Derr, Marina.

daisy and friend beau anmd buckles

Daisy and Friend submitted by Jamie Kitz, Salinas.

Beau and Buckles submitted by Sharilyn Cabelera, Sacramento.

indy and olive murphy and breasy

Indy and Olive submitted by Crystal LoManto, Monterey.

Muphy and Breasy submitted by Jamie Kitz, Salinas.

holly and Splash henderson and napolean

Holly and Splash submitted by JoAnn Revoir,

Henderson and Napolean submitted by Michael Lentz, Placer County.

lily and reign tess and kip

Lily and Reign submitted by Maria Larsen, San Diego.

Tess and Kip submitted by Susan and Dwight Marshall, Seaside.

max millie and crocket phoebe

Max, Millie, and Crocket, submitted by Gail Lebovic, Carmel.

Phoebe submitted by Amy Krivis, Tarzana and Carmel.

sherwood logan

Sherwood, submitted by Pamela Latham, Salinas.

Logan, submitted by Todd and Coleen Ingram, Pacific Grove.

mudpup sassy

MudPup, submitted by Linda and Gus Bruno, Monterey

Sassy, submitted by Vikki Logan, Carmel.

willie misty and rosie

Willie Mays, submitted by Frank and Sannie Sollecito, Monterey.

Misty and Rosie, submitted by Gretchen Glick, Salinas.

fetch mercy

Fetch, submitted by Dorene Davis, Oakland.

Mercy, submitted by Gina Berolino, Los Altos.

tracker" koda

Tracker, submitted by Harold and Janet Patton, Salinas.

Koda, submitted by Sharon Hanzelka, Carmel.

coco katie and henry

Papi and Coco, submitted by Anastasia Torres-Gil, Santa Cruz. Winner of one night at the Hofsas House in Carmel.

Katie and Henry, submitted by Jamie Kitz, Salinas.

steve daisy

2nd Place - Jeff Giesick and Steve, submitted by Jamie Kitz, Salinas. Winner of a $50 Gift Certificate to Tarpy's Roadhouse in Monterey.

3rd Place - Eli and Daisy, submitted by Sue Burry, Soquel. Winner of a $25 Gift Certificate to Seabright Brewery in Santa Cruz.

lolar joy

Honoarble Mention - Jan Elster & Lola submitted by Jan Elster, Tucson, AZ.

Honorable Mention - Jan & Joy submitted by Jan Austin, Salinas.

buddha pandy

Honorable Mention - Javier Ovalies & Buddha submitted by Kuanmei Huang, San Francisco.

Honorable Mention - Janice Rose & Pandy Beagle submitted by Janice Rose, Santa Cruz.

chai and safari cubby

Safari and Chai, Corralitos.

Cubby, Marina.

roper ellie

Roper, Carmel.

Ellie, Carmel.

kirby piper

Kirby, Carmel.

Piper, Capitola.

zion safari

Zion and Friend, Boulder Creek.

Safari and Cedar, Santa Cruz.

water dogs shiloh

Going Swimming, Morgan Hill.

Shiloh, Hollister.

lab chula

Yellow Lab submitted by Renae Frankz, Carmel.

Chula, Nacho, Sequoia, Monterey.

champ payton

Champ, Pacific Grove,

Payton, Watsonville.

haze atlas

Haze, Santa Cruz.

Atlas, Pacific Grove.

3 dogs trygrr

Three Dogs, Monterey.

Trygrr, Felton.

alfie ace

Joshie and Alfie, Bradley.

Ace, Aptos.

raylan hunter

Raylan, Santa Cruz.

Hunter, South San Francisco.

piper water dogs

Piper, Santa Rosa.

Many Water Dogs, Santa Cruz.

hunter scout

Hunter and Luke.

Scout, Prunedale.

porter hudson

Porter, Marina.

Hudson, Carmel.

hurricane elvira

Hurricane and Macy, Roal Oaks.

Elvira, Del Rey Oaks.

rumi riley

Rumi, Avila Beach.

Riley, Marina.

tia Nikki

Tia, Monterey.

Nikki, Los Gatos.

findlay maddy

Findlay and friends, Carmel.

Maddy, Carmel.

ginny belle

Ginny, Richmond.

Belle, Vacaville..

remington maggie

Royal Prince Remington CD BN RE NAJ NA NF, San Juan Bautista.

Maggie, Watsonville.

coco macy

Coco and Diesel submitted by Becca Ledbetter, Carmel.

Macy and Molly Mae submitted by Heather Ferguson-Sims, Royal Oaks.

chance and roan luckey and girl

Chance and Roan submitted by Kate Montgomery, Lodi.

Lucky and girl subnmitted by Kate Montgomery, Lodi.

kazzan dixie and angelo

Kazzan and Lanier submitted by Lanaier Fairchild, Santa Rosa.

Dixie and Angelo submitted by Nancy Reynolds, Morgan Hill.

bogey adn boy corkie and mollie mae

Bogey and Landon submitted by Connie Reeves, Salinas.

Corkie and Mollie Mae submitted by Heather Ferguson-Sims, Royal Oaks.

family time buddy and ryan

Family Time sunmitted by Lanaier Fairchild, Santa Rosa.

Buddy and Ryan submitted by Pam Bole, San Jose.

duke lucky

Duke and boy submitted by Kate Montgomery, Lodi..

Jenna and Lucky submitted by Gail Ryland.

murphy highchair

Murphy and Alex submitted by Tiffany Singh, Greenfield.

Baby in highchair with dog submitted by Kate Montgomery, Lodi.

molly tia

Molly at Asilomar Beach. Submitted by Steve and Kim James, Watsonville.

Tia and Baby submitted by Adriana Borrelli, Monterey.

doozy zionandsusan

Doozy at Davenport. Submitted by Susan Barth. Photo taken by Dana Barth.

Zion at Carmel Beach. Submitted by Susan Barth.

doozy zionandgigi

Doozy. Woofers & Walkers In the 4th of July's Worlds Shortest Parade

Pictures submitted by Susan Barth
Photos taken by Sara Stasi
Flickr Photos

Zion and Gigi. Woofers & Walkers In the 4th of July's Worlds Shortest Parade

Pictures submitted by Susan Barth
Photos taken by Sara Stasi
Flickr Photos

toby toby and cooper

Toby submitted by Tara Markham.

Toby and Cooper submitted by Tara Markham.

bert may

Bert submitted by Roberta Joiner, Santa Cruz.

May and Lu submitted by Tiffany Singh, Greenfield.

coda valetnine

Valentine submitted by Anonymous, Pacific Grove.

Coda. Submitted by Jennifer Garza, Monterey.

luca winston

Luca Submitted By Lilli Colbasso, Santa Cruz.

Winston submitted by Jen Davis and Doris Lara, Santa Cruz.

nala bert

Nala submitted by Cindy Gjers.

Sabrina submitted by Cindy Gjers.

niki bucky

Nikki submitted by Linda Moyer, Santa Cruz.

Bucky Submitted by Roberta Joiner, Santa Cruz.

cooper beau

Cooper and Kyla Submitted by Lyn Hood, Santa Cruz.

Beau Submitted By Sharilyn Cabelera, Sacramento.

piperamber piper

Piper and Amber-Rose Submitted by Lisa Milligan, Pacific Grove.

Piper submitted by Lanaier Fairchild, Carmel.

keely winnie

Keely Submitted By Mari Levine, Watsonville.

Winnie submitted by Catrina Coyle.

luca shiloh

Sabrina submitted by Cindy Gjers.

Shiloh Submitted By Karen Ingalls, Hollister.

raven baloo

Raven Submitted By Toni Lacalamita, Marina.

Baloo submitted by Eythan Gordon.

sprocket bailey

Maverick and Sprocket submitted by Ellen Wynn Family, Prunedale.

Bailey Submitted by Tammy Ballew, Hollister.

dolly donkey and poodle

Dolly and Shelley submitted by Nancy Reynolds, Morgan Hill.

Samantha and Banjo submitted by C.S. Noel, Clayton.

darius cat and pugs

Darius and Mandy, submitted by Mary Wiltse, Pebble Beach.

Merlin, Otis, and Vallie, submitted by Cindy Brinkmann, Los Gatos.

rumi kelda

Rumi and calf submitted by Marcia Beckley Kane, Avila Beach.

Kelda and Squeakie submitted by Gwen DeBaere and George McKay, Prundeale.

kitten gracie

Two dogs and a kitten, submitted by unknown.

Gracie and Casey, submitted by Devon Nichols, Salinas.

boxer boxer

We relocated to Monterey a year ago from the Sacramento area and we love it here! Our 6 year old boxers Maverick and Precious (brother and sister) look forward to our trips to the beach.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures.
Nick and Rochelle Salmeron


Hunter is 14 month olds. He loves to run free at Fort Funston, San Francisco, and loves to play with other dogs.
Patty & Freddy Esparza


kona twins

Happy New Year from Pumpkin and Eva!

Looking for a home! Kojak and Telly are 7 month old German Shepherds looking for a home together. They are with So. Cal Shepherd Rescue. Photo courtesty of Puptown Doggy Daycare.

beau and santa izzy shark costume

Happy Holidays from Santa's little helper, Beau.

Izzy was a land-shark this Halloween, and was a good sport about wearing her hat.

kona kona

Our rat terrier "Kona" learning to swim in a kiddie pool. Submitted by Paz and Ry.

Kona's first swim in Arroyo Seco River. Submitted by Paz and Ry.

rumi costumed cavies

Rumi having fun at the Avila Valley Barn. Submitted by Marcia Kane, Avila Beach.

Halloween Cavaliers submitted by Janet McTurk, Carmel.

gracie pirate dogs

Gracie submitted by Gina Wolf, Salinas.

Lily and Lexi submitted by Janet McTurk, Carmel.

bull dogs happy with lei

Bull Dogs submitted by Janet Jacinto, Carmel.

Happy submitted by George East, Montereyl.

missy king dog

Missy submitted by Darla Smith, Salinas.

Digger submitted by Darla Smith, Salinas.

pug in bee costume princes leah

Missy submitted by Kim Horowitz, Santa Cruz.

Lucy Magillicutty submitted by Cindy Cjers, Santa Cruz.

pig dog 4 costumed dogs

Tippy, submitted by Rayne Coleman, Marina.

Janet's Dogs. Carmel, CA.

maxwell bat dog

Maxwell, submitted by Gina Wolf, Salinas.

Lola submitted by Jan Elster, Phoenix, AZ.

ladybug biker dog

Sassy submitted by Darla Smith, Salinas.

Piper submitted by Lisa Milligan.

princess dog bichon

Wilson submitted by Amy Snyder, Marina.


scarecrow dog cowboy dog

Cody submitted by Julianne Craig.

Sparky submitted by Sharon Miller, Pacific Grove.

chicken costumes frankendoggie

Frankie and Petie submitted by Tracy Chappell.

Chuey submitted by Mary and Peter Aguilar.

indiana jones insect shelties

Hudson submitted by Jeff Andrews

Dasher, Tuxedo & Brigadoon submitted by Mary and Tom Callahan.

peacock dog princess golden

Rayg'n submitted by Rachel Walton, Seaside.

Jenny submitted by Tracy Fink, Calabasas.

raincoat poodles pirate dog

Riley and Rubs submitted by Ellen Wallace, Carmel Valley.

Cosmo submitted by Nancy Dodds, Carmel.

shelties hippie

Clara, Ginger, and Dieter submitted by Judy Osborn, Felton.

Hippie Piper submitted by Lanier Fairchild, Carmel Valley.

jc and miles paddleboard

Photos from the First Annual Dog Jam and Paddle Show benefiting the Santa Cruz SPCA. August 2010


paddle board paddleboard



paddleboard paddleboard



paddle board paddleboard



paddleboard paddleboard



paddle board paddleboard



paddleboard paddleboard



paddle board paddleboard



paddleboard paddleboard



paddleboard paddleboard



paddle board padleboard



paddleboard paddleboard



girl and dog boy and dog

Judy Osborn and Lady, Indianapolis, Indiana 1961. Submitted by Judy Osborn.

Beau and Keena 1993.

border collie beagle

Pandora, Alhambra, CA 1960. Submitted by Lyn Hood.

Corky and Scott, New Jersey 1964. Submitted by Scott Broecker.

north africa photo with dog patsy and tuffy

Frank Eric Peacock, two buddies, and Rex. North Africa, 1942. Submitted by Vivian Kennedy.

Patsy and Tuffy, Burbank, CA, 1950s. Submitted by Patsy Vope.

boy and dog girl and dog

Derek and Liebe. 1972. Submitted by Pam Bonsper.

Judy and Mikey, Lemorre, CA 1950s. Submitted by Judy Thompson.

boys and dog kids and dog

Lachlan Van Bibber, Noel Van Bibber, and dog. Orange, CA 1932. Submitted by Karen Sheppard.

Regan Farr, Donna Hall, Karen Sheppard, Karen Skinner, Darlene Buell, Luanna Luellen, Shelly Moore, Nancy Esquivel, and Stix. Salinas, CA 1960. Submitted by Karen Sheppard.

jade and chalupa man, girl and dog

Jade and Chalupa. Submitted by Lulu Durham.

Tootie, her dad, and Peer. Submitted by Tootie Hagans.

borzoi spots

Lanier and Kazaan, Wrightstown, PA, 1988. Submitted by Lanier Fairchild.

Spots, Saipan 1980. Submitted by Laurie Emery.

border collie bedlington terrier

Blackie Boy at Spanish Bay. Submitted by Jeff S.

Luna our Bedlington Terrier. She's a great dog and everytime I take her out to the beach pepople fall in love with he . She's very sweet and a great breed which more people should know about. She weighs 16 pounds and the average age is 16 years. Tim Hill

retriever chow

Tobey. Submitted by Gayle Jackson.

Chevy submitted by The Dog Spot Rescue.

chi chi

Piper submitted by Lanier Fairchild.

Gina submitted by Ana W.

jrt little dog

Millie submitted by Gail Lebovic.


2 chis in pool two danes

Dora and Penelope.

Lucy and Mathilda.

jrt two chis

Millie submitted by Gail Lebovic.

Dora and Shadow.

dalmatian luci

Penelope in Rose Garden. Submitted by Carla White.

Luci in the garden submitted by Cyndi Adams.

chihuahua marik

Chulita in Lupin.

Marik submitted by Sarha Robinson.

lulu rocket

Lulu Bicket at eight weeks.

Rocket Long.

ohelia mahina

Ophelia submitted by The Dog Spot Rescue.

Petunia submitted by The Dog Spot Rescue.

lucia dylan

Lucia in Garden.

xoxoxox from Chulita (and her mom!) xoxoxo

Dylan waiting for us to fill the pool. Submitted by Ji.

martini tucker

Martini submitted by Marcy Cayton.

Tucker submitted by Karen H.

bella sierra

Bella Lu Hanging in the Hammock.

Sierra on grass.

chihuahua mahina

Chulita sez "Yo quiero St Patrick's Day!"

xoxoxox from Chulita (and her mom!) xoxoxo

Mahina in the gardens of Pacific Grove submitted by Jennifer Haydu.

hunter kira

Our new lil guy, Hunter. Five months old!

Our granddaughter, Isabel, with dog Kira in the snow. Isabel gave up her jacket for Kira who is not made for the snow!

rascal english cocker

Rascal at the Cannery Row Pet Parade.

Merry Christmas from Theo in England!

shep chihuahua

Puppy Reign!

Happy New Year From Chulita!

shep corgi

Amber is my Akita/ Chow mix dog. She is a really sweetheart! Amber was found on the Graves Elementary School grounds in Castroville when she was a puppy. She was homeless and so desperate for love! My family fell in love with her automatically. She has been part of my family for about 6 years. She is our baby. My family and I love her so much!

Opie in Cambria. A happy dog!

greyhounds greyhounds

Greyhound Friends For Life adopted hounds participating in the Carmel Halloween parade, followed by a trip to Pet Food Express and a yummy lunch at R.G. Burgers with the hounds filling up their patio. A fun time was had by all:)

The hounds celebrating Rob's My Mutt poster for the GFFL newsletter after the Halloween parade in Carmel.

ben chanel

Ben - New Arrival. What a face.

I LOVE happy endings! Another Dogwood-rescued dog has found a wonderful new home! We thought she was a Bedlington terrier but poodle mix seems to fit now; her new name is Coco Channel. Thanks to all who helped with this rescue!

sassy gina

SASSY - available for adoption! 10 years old, 10 pounds of love and perfection. The easiest dog you will ever add to your family. She will fit right in and enrich your life. Visit Peace of Mind Dog Rescue for more inof.

Gina - New Arrival. Our lives are full again!

dog & personin costume shep puppy

Lido and Maria

New Arrival - Raven!

dog in costume dog in costume

Reign for Halloween


Tanner for Halloween.


bull mastiff pitbull under covers

Johnson, my 3 &1/2 year old Bull Mastiff…..he is a fantastic dog—a total lover, slightly bratty, incredibly grinny and loves all people and dogs. And so handsome!! He has no idea he weighs 137 lbs. I honestly think he thinks he is a lap dog! I work from home now and I call him my admin…..he must have rifled around in my recycled trash and pulled out an old finance report!! He’s such a helper!


Chyna was an abused and neglected stray in Salinas before she was flown to Canada to be adopted by me. When she was sent to me, she had been unadoptable and in a kennel for 6 months. She was considered dog aggressive and potentially considered "dangerous". She's come such a long way!! Everyone calls her my velcro since she is always at my side. The picture of her in bed is actually where she sleeps at night, right beside me on her own pillow.

Love, hugs, licks and laughs,
Sandi, Chyna, Riley and Neisha


greyhounds greyounds

Taken at Greyhound Planet Event 2009 at PetCo, the hounds worked hard demonstrating what wonderful companions they make after retirement from the track.


We had a lot of children come to Greyhound Planet 2009 to learn about and touch a retired racing greyhound. The hounds were more than happy to help.



dog with bike corgi on wheels

This is Kahana at only 7 months old. She has already learned how to ride with us on our bikes for up to 2 miles and loves every minute of it!


I'm gorgeous, energetic, engaged and PLAYFUL!!



dog in hammock terrier

Grantly likes to help reduce stress levels in the family by helping initiate afternoon naps in the hammack!

It's not all napping for Grantly. This senior dog also loves to get out for a nice walk! Plenty of rest and exercise are his keys to good health.

greyhounds laying down tan dog

After the greyhound walk and barbeque, this was one of the few moments where the older dogs were in one place long enough to take a group shot!! There were still 6 more younger hounds running around on the greyhound safe fenced 1+ acre yard, the weather was perfect, a greyt time was had by all:)

New Adoption: Announcing the arrival of Buff, the perfect gentleman from the Salinas Animal Shelter. He was looking for a home and we were looking for one more special someone to round out our little family. We love you Buff!

Darlene and Kiki

four corgi's in carts cute poodle

Woofers and Walkers had 70 people and 80 dogs show up to ride the Roaring Camp train in Felton in June!

Bonny is sweet and friendly to all she meets including humans. ~ Barbara Baldock and Phil Butler


four corgi's in carts hiking through trees

This picture was taken in Pacific Grove Sunday 6-28 at our GFFL Greyhound Walk, there were 13 adopted retired racing hounds, the weather was beautiful, the hounds enjoyed the walk and all the admirers they met along the way. We finished up at the East Village Cafe for lunch.

Greyhounds enjoying lunch at the East Village Cafe after their Lovers Point Walk on Sunday 6-28.


four corgi's in carts hiking through trees

If you see a new greyhound in town, be sure to say hello! Murphy is a retired racing greyhound who recently relocated from Cambridge MA with his human parents Jimmy and Laura Williams. Murphy thinks the climate in Pacific Grove is fantastic, (putting on a doggie coat to go outside and poop in the snow was the worst) and that Asilomar Beach is some sort of doggie heaven on earth!

Join Woofers & Walkers for weekly walks, yappy hour, Doggie Drive-in, Cafe Canine and other fun events with our dogs in Santa Cruz.


four corgi's in carts purplecarpet

Our two retired racing greyhounds, Lisa and Liz showing their foster sister, "Graziella" (black & white) from the Guam track how beautiful Pacific Grove is. ~ Deirdre, Greyhound Friends For Life

Savvy, Sunshine and Marshall enjoy a walk on the PG Rec trail with the purple carpet in full bloom.


four corgi's in carts black and white jack russel sparky

Free wheelin' good times had by all! 3 of these dogs have Degenerative Mylopathy, a slow-developing recessive gene condition with onset typically at 9 or 10 yrs (they are all in that age range), leading to paraplegia. One of the dogs has IVDD (a spontaneous disc rupture) and has been paraplegic and in his cart for about 5 years. He does para-agility! They are all happy adjusted pooches who get to do many of the things they used to do because of this wonderful adaptive equipment.

Sparky loves running on Asilomar Beach! ~ Bruce McClane and Sharon Miller


weimaraners lined up on beach for treats weimaraners on beach

Weimaraners lined up for treats at the Carmel Weimaraner Walk put on by Nor Cal Weimarander Rescue.

30 Weimaraners gathered for a frolicking good time at the Carmel Weimaraner Walk on May 10. For information about future Weimaraner events contact Dana. To adopt a Weimaraner, visit www.norcalweimrescue.org.

black and white dog - scout brown terrier-rudy

Scout is a 7-year old blue heeler/cross that we adopted from Salinas Animal Services in 2003. When I started Annie's Blankets, I wanted to thank the center in some way, so they received our first official bundle. Scout is easily the best dog we've ever had; she hikes all over with us and loves rivers and frisbees with equal devotion. ~Edie Achterman

Rudy is my little prince. I love him with all my heart. He is so patient with the kids. I can't imagine life without him. ~Becca

Sydney Lola

Sydney is a good will ambassador to all who meet him.
-- Geri Burchard

Her back broken in an abuse case, Lola came to me when I was diagnosed with kidney disease. We have been a perfect Rx for each other. She is the love of my life.
-- Jan Elster & a Bunch of Old Dogs

Red Corky

Red - from Underdog to Wonderdog. 124 pounds to 60 pounds. Heartworm positive, varmite infested. Now, healthy, beautiful, Frisbee playing beach dog. Adopted. Thanks, NorCal Aussie Rescue!

I’m Corky, a handsome, mostly Aussie boy from Monterey! Does anybody know where I could try out my skills as a herding dog? Please contact my mom at sheilamcmahon46@comcast.net. Thanks. Woof!


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