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Pebble Beach Quarry

by Sharon Miller

dog at the quarry

For a peaceful, quiet walk through Del Monte Forest, easily accessible off Highway 68 (Holman Highway) between Monterey and Pacific Grove, you can take your dog for a romp on endless trails in the Quarry area of Pebble Beach.

Almost a dozen numbered fire roads meander through the tall Monterey pines, newly-planted saplings, ferns, wildflowers, mushrooms, berries, and shrubs.  The road numbers appear on tall red and white stakes---be sure to note and remember the numbers of the roads you venture down, because it might be easy to get lost in the maze-like acres of trees and roads here!

Off-leash dogs greatly enjoy all the sights and scents, and the opportunity to frolic down the road in front of you.  On one recent visit we spotted a gorgeous great horned owl and a number of darting hummingbirds, so keep your eyes open for unexpected wildlife.

You may never see another person or dog the whole time you are walking, even on the weekends. This is great for doggies that are full of energy or that prefer to walk just with you and a few pals.  Be aware, however, that your dog should be under voice-control at all times.  You may, without warning, run into someone else’s off-leash dog that might bound up and want to play with your dog, so try to stay within hailing distance of her if this type of greeting would be unsettling.

Although signs are posted “No Bikes,” an occasional mountainbiker comes through here.  Also, horses from the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center sometimes use these trails, so be alert if your dog is a bike or horsechaser.

The old quarry is no longer functioning, so you don’t have to worry about heavy dump-trucks, or any other motorized vehicles for that matter.  You may even stumble upon the quarry site itself, or the old reservoir, or all sorts of other surprises as you and your dog explore these delightful woods.

Happy trails and waggy tails!

This is a moderate hike. There are no restrooms or water available, so be prepared. Getting there: From Highway One North or South take the Highway 68 exit towards Pacific Grove. Continue for approximately two miles making a left at the second light, which is S.F.B. Morse Drive and the Highway 68 Pebble Beach gate. You can enter through this gate if you pay the $9.50 gate fee and park in one of the two turnouts just down the road on the left. Or to hike without charge, you can park in the turnout on Highway 68, but this is a little more precarious. You are right on the highway. Heading east on Highway 68 as you are leaving Pacific Grove the turnout is a few hundred yards up the hill passed S.F.B. Morse Drive. Heading west on Highway 68 toward Pacific Grove, it is best to take a left at S.F.B. Morse Drive like you are heading into Pebble Beach. Tell the guard at the gate that you need to make a U-turn and you won’t have to pay the fee. Make the U-turn and head right back out of Pebble Beach making a right back onto Highway 68. Travel up the road a few hundred yards and pull into the dirt parking area/turnout on the right-hand side.


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