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First Awakenings

125 Oceanview Blvd., Pacific Grove,CA 93950

By Rover as told to Pam Bonsper

rover review

Last week, I enjoyed dining out and shopping with my mom!  Mom had heard that The American Tin Cannery, that famous mall in Pacific Grove, the one next to the Aquarium, was dog friendly. That meant I could actually go in the mall and in the shops! We started with a great breakfast at First Awakenings, that fantastic restaurant that every local talks about.

As everyone who lives around here knows, it’s all about location, location, location. First Awakenings has got to have one of the best locations on the Peninsula. Right off the beautiful recreation trail, the ocean crashing in the background, First Awakenings is housed in one of the old historic canning companies.

First awakenings patio Boy, do I ever feel lucky. I have eaten at many dog-friendly restaurants, but First Awakenings was a first in many ways. Their patio was so big, I could actually walk around and stretch my legs. Really big umbrellas offered protection from sun or rain. A big warm fireplace kept the chilly fog at bay. And guess what else was really big? Their breakfasts! Even the plates had to be big to accommodate the yummy pancakes overflowing with syrup, the many different kinds of waffles crowned with clouds of whipped cream, and the omelets stuffed with everything from mushrooms to artichokes to sausage.

I was grinning with delight when the waiter brought out a really big bagel with mounds of whipped cream cheese and eggs benedict with the yummiest sauce I have ever seen. There was no special dog menu for me, but I’ll admit mom still slipped me some special treats that were delightful to this pooch’s palette. By the end of the meal I was snoozing away, when suddenly I heard the words “time To shop!” We spent the rest of the morning visiting a variety of shops throughout this indoor, pet-friendly mall. Breakfast and shopping. What a day!

Woof, woof.


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