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as told to Pam Bonsper

Tarpy's Roadhouse
Highway 68 at Canyon Del Rey



In case you don’t know it, dogs are guided by their senses. I love Tarpy’s Roadhouse because all my senses (including common sense) go wild when I’m there.

I’ll start with sight: In one adjective, Tarpy’s is BEAUTIFUL. When I look at the trees and flowers, I see light filtering through all shapes and sizes of leaves, branches, and blossoms. When I look at the pond, I see shadows dancing. If you think I’m describing a park in the country, you would be right. Tarpy’s is more like an old country estate than a restaurant. 

 Until…the smell! In one adjective: INTOXICATING! Since my sense of smell is 500 times better than any of you reading this, I will just say…I know we are going to Tarpy’s from about five miles away! And speaking of far away—I loved that we didn’t have to drive miles of curvy mountain roads. Even though it feels like you are somewhere way out, Tarpy’s is right off Highway 68—so it’s very easy to get to.

Hearing: That’s another of my senses that is highly developed. I could hear Chef Michael in the kitchen over the chirping of the birds and the breeze in the trees. I heard him say to add a little more wine to the sauce in “Fido’s Finest”—my favorite entrée on the very fabulous Doggie Menu.

Nobody can taste like a doggie can. And the tastes at Tarpy’s are DELIGHTFUL! My people went down the menu like they were in a contest. “Gotta get this. Gotta get that. Gotta have one of those.”  And everything that was brought was absolutely wonderful. There were so many selections from the sea and from the ranch…I wondered if we would just stay through lunch and order dinner.

Which brings me to my favorite sense: touch: How yummy and thick can grass grow? And what a treat to lie half in the sun and half in the shade under one of the large outdoor umbrellas. 

My people shared ollalieberry pie, choco-espresso bread pudding, and strawberry shortcake.

“Good old-fashioned favorites,” I heard them say.

Seems that’s what we all liked about Tarpy’s Roadhouse…the delights of the old mixed with the comforts of the new.

Woof, woof.


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