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Lalla Grill

Del Monte Center, Monterey CA 93920 831-324-4632

Black and White Dog

5 Wags Of The Tail For Lalla!

All of us know the word “walk.” And most of us know how to spell it.  But my people have to spell the word “FUN.”  Whenever they spell that word I just go nuts. They’ll say, “Let’s go have some F-U-N.”  It means we’re going for a ride, or we’re going to visit friends. Or, it may mean…We’re going to lunch!

FUN is now the word I think of when I think of  “Lalla Grill,” the restaurant over by the movie theatres in Del Monte Center in Monterey.  When I first saw the restaurant, I wasn’t so sure.  It looked very elegant and certainly no place for dogs, however, my mom knew it was dog-friendly, so with no hesitation, we marched right in. Well, actually, there was a bit of a screening process.

“Is your dog well-behaved?” the hostess asked. “Dogs are allowed as long as they don’t get too rowdy.”

I looked up, cocked my head and started to lie down. I must have passed the test, for we were ushered onto the patio, a beautiful area with white round hassocks and benches, orange and lime green pillows, a large brazier, trees and a fountain and plants growing out of the walls. It was like being inside and outside at the same time.

The waitress came with a dish of water and I settled into the modern retro, black and white (just like me) atmosphere.  A menu that was actually a notebook full of delicious sounding stuff, including fun “mocktails and cocktails,” made for a leisurely lunch.

When my mom asked if there was something for me, the waitress said they’d be more than happy to cook up a chicken breast or a steak which earned them a big wag of my tail!

Lalla gets a five wags of the tail rating for sure. And oh, by the way be sure and order the tomato rice soup. My mom says you just HAVE TO, whether you’re there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. As for me- I preferred the bits of smoked ahi tuna she slipped me under the table.

Arf Arf

- Rover


Second Review by Sunshine N., the winner of our Spring Survey

Since I’ve had to cut nearly all recreational activities from my greatly reduced budget, you can imagine my delight at winning a gift certificate to such a nice place as Lalla Grill! Friday was a beautiful day so Ignatz Pugnacious Road Dog (Iggy to his friends) and I hopped on the Harley and rode from our home in Lompico to Monterey. Upon arrival at Lalla Grill we were greeted warmly, seated promptly, given water, and Iggy was properly fawned over. The restaurant and patio where dogs and their people are seated is beautiful. Only fifteen minutes elapsed from the time we walked in the door until our meals were served. The waitstaff were very friendly and helpful and the service was attentive without being intrusive. Since it was on a gift certificate I decided to have lobster. They were out so I ordered the filet mignon instead. Iggy had unseasoned boneless/skinless chicken breast and broccoli (pugs need to watch their waistlines you know). I was surprised Iggy’s plate of food was as large as mine and mine was certainly substantial! Even more surprising was that they got my filet cooked EXACTLY as I ordered it---a true rarity! Everything from the filet to side dishes to dessert was well-prepared and delicious. The owner even came out to welcome and chat with us. I would absolutely recommend Lalla Grill to anyone looking to have a nice meal with their canine friend. And the best part is we got to enjoy this wonderful experience for only $1.53 plus tip thanks to your gift certificate! Thank you so much again!



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