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Photos courtesy of NatureDogs.com.

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Dog lovers know there is no better feeling than watching their dog romp, sniff and enjoy the great outdoors. Pair that with exploring a beautiful place—seeing and hearing the sights and sounds of nature—and you have a match made in heaven. Pacific Grove couple, Monica Rua and John Sullivan, have been enjoying nature with their dogs for over 20 years. In the past, when researching places to hike with their dogs, they noticed that all the websites and hiking guides they found listed places to go, but had very few photos showing what the area looked like. When photos were available, they were usually small, poor quality, and in black and white. It just was not enough information to help them decide if the location was worth the trip. 

They decided to document, with photos and descriptive text, the places they explored with their dogs and to share that information through a website—NatureDogs.com. Nature Dogs is all about helping people find wonderful places in California to explore nature and hike with their dogs.

At NatureDogs.com every hike description is accompanied by multiple high- quality photographs. Monica and John have already documented over 200 dog-friendly California hikes!

vincent trail

Although Monica and John spend as much time as possible traveling the country finding fun places to explore with their dogs, they know they have not discovered every hike out there by far. For that reason, NatureDogs.com is interactive. Dog-loving hiking enthusiasts are invited to submit their own photos and hike descriptions to share with other travelers and their furry friends.

It is easy to submit a hike. Just go to NatureDogs.com, click on "submit a hike," and email the information asked for. It is even easier to find a hike. Click on "find a hike," and you will see a map of California. Click on the area you are headed to, and you will get a list of hikes in that area. Click on each hike for more detailed information and photos.

What a fabulous resource to help us find new places to hike with our dogs!


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