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The Inn at Spanish Bay
2700 Seventeen Mile Drive
Pebble Beach, CA 93953


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The best way to make me really, really, really happy is to give me a treat. I will stay home all day without barking if I get something nice to chew on. I will perform tricks for hours for liver-flavored snacks. I must not be all that different from my human Mom.

I heard her on the phone the other day with her friend: “I feel like going somewhere really special, eating something memorable, enjoying something extravagant. I deserve a treat!”
My ears perked up and I dashed to the kitchen. I expected Mom to have a milk bone in her mouth, but instead she was sitting at her computer looking for a dog- friendly restaurant on the Coastal Canine website!
“That’s it!” she exclaimed to her friend, “Let’s go to Roy’s at Spanish Bay. I’ve heard they have a great outdoor patio where you can enjoy a glass of wine, a great meal, and an incredible view of the ocean and the golf links. And—she gave me a wink— I can take Rover!”
Another way to make me really, really, really happy is to take me along. I grabbed my leash and headed for the car. Mom pulled on a warm coat and whisked the dog hair off her jeans. (She had also heard that while Roy’s is very classy, casual dress would do just fine.)
Roy’s turned out to be just the treat my Mom and I deserved. The waitperson was friendly and attentive to me, asked my name, and brought me water. I love being waited on! The patio dining area was spacious, and although I am a little guy, any size dog would be comfortable there.

We arrived in the late afternoon, just in time to see the bagpiper march up onto a sand dune directly in front of us to play “Amazing Grace.” I tried to appreciate the music, but aromas from the restaurant were teasing my sense of smell. I was licking my chops in anticipation. While Mom and her friend sipped a crisp Chardonnay and nibbled on fresh fruit, I tried to differentiate the explosions in my snout. The braised short ribs were attacking the butterfish and red snapper. The Asian-Hawaiian-Fusion accents were creating havoc. I knew I would not leave here without Mom slipping me a little nibble from time to time.

After dinner and a beautiful sunset, we were nestled in blankets (the staff even asked if I would like one), sitting around a roaring fire pit. Mom and her friend were satiated. They looked like bundled-up Cheshire cats. From the appetizer sampler of crab cakes, scallops, shrimp, and short ribs, to the lakanilau rolls (kobe beef wrapped around snow crab), to the tuna sashimi and ahi tempura, to the fabulous desserts of crème brulee and Roy’s world-famous chocolate soufflé (which my Mom didn’t let me taste), it was truly a night to remember. My Mom had deserved a treat and she got it. And guess what? I bet you and your canine companion deserve a treat too!

Woof, woof.


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