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Rover Reviews

as told to Pam Bonsper

17th Street Grille


617 Lighthouse Ave , Pacific Grove


grille"Wow, wow, wow!" I bark. My guardian ignores me.
             We have just finished eating at the corner of Lighthouse Avenue and 17th Street. I call it the icon corner of Pacific Grove. For many years it was a gas station; now the 17th Street Grille is there and is just as famous as the station was.
            "Wow, wow, wow!" I bark again.
            "We'll go soon. Let me finish my fries," my guardian says, not getting my message.
            She's finishing up the "Brew Bowl" the biggest basket of french-fried poppers, chicken strips, onion rings, and codfish I've ever smelled. Boy was I glad a few of those fries landed my way. Her friend is asking for a doggie bag (why do they call them doggie bags when the doggies never get to eat the leftovers in them?) to take home for her lunch tomorrow.
            "The portions are huge," she says.
            "And the quality great," says my guardian.
            "Wow, wow, wow," I bark.
            A seagull sits on the top rail of the outdoor patio thinking he's going to get some of my turkey burger patty. I've made sure there are absolutely no crumbs. I've taken the sign seriously that says, "Do not feed the birds.”  I catch a piece of the Italian pesto wrap when it falls as it's placed in the doggie bag.
            I heard some of the descriptions of the wraps when my two-legged companions were reading the menu, and I also heard the names of the seafood specials and salads and quesadillas and bowls and burgers and soups and desserts and . . . how can such a small restaurant make so many different things?
            "Wow, wow, wow!" I bark again.
            My guardian ignores me and says to her friend, "This is one of the few dog-friendly restaurants in downtown Pacific Grove. It’s a great place to come on a sunny day, and on foggy days the big fire pit keeps the diners nice and warm. And although we can order anything for Rover from the regular menu, they are going to be starting a doggie menu soon!"
            "Rover will love that!" her friend answers, and then adds, "Oh, this place is sooooo reasonable and sooooo good. And it's family-run and so homey. I love the picturesque downtown buildings, and I love to self-order, and I love the music in the background."
            I can't stand this any longer. I jump into my guardian's lap and "Wow, wow, wow" once again. I tilt my head and speak to her telepathically.
            It works.
            "Oh, I get it," she says. “You are saying ‘Wow!’ so I guess you like this place as much as we do."
            I wag my tail, jump to the ground, and lie down.  Now, my people won't be in a hurry.
             While I patiently wait for mom and her friend to finish their deserts (I can smell the white-chocolate raspberry cheesecake), I refresh myself with a drink from the complimentary bowl of water the waiter served me. I can’t wait until they start that doggie menu!

Woof! Woof!


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