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Rocky's Cafe

6560 HIghway 9, Felton, CA 95018
By Rover as told to Pam Bonsper

yukon at rocky's cafe

Rocky's Cafe

After a rip-roaring morning riding the rails through the redwoods, a fluffy mutt loves nothing more than a hearty meal.  My mom found the perfect place just down the road from Felton’s Roaring Camp Railroad.
Rocky’s Café is the name and good tasting food is the game! I arrived tired and hungry and was delighted to find the perfect covered pooch porch just waiting for me to plop down on.  When asked, the waitress gladly provided an inviting ceramic bowl brim full of my favorite beverage - water. I lapped it up and enjoyed the shade the redwoods provided. Even though Rocky’s Café is right on Highway 9, I felt I was still back in that big forest. I lay my tired head on the old wooden porch decking and could still hear the sound of the train whistle.
I soon awoke to some mighty good smelling food. My mom knows breakfast is one of my favorite meals. Lucky for me, Rocky’s Café serves a great country breakfast all day and they cook up a special dish of scrambled eggs for us canines. My fellow train travelers were eating all kinds of good stuff. My mom asked me to tell you the tofu scramble was delish. I heard her friend say the veggie burger was better. All I know is no one dropped even one home fry that I could scoop up. And believe me, I was hoping they would.
This may be of interest to you readers.  Rocky’s Café does not accept credit cards- cash or checks only- so be sure to bring your old fashioned money to this old fashioned house. I wouldn’t want you to have to stay and do the dishes! Also- Rocky’s Café is open for breakfast and lunch only. So go to one of the other great dog-friendly restaurants in this beautiful part of the world for dinner. I hope to write a review of each and every one of them in up-coming Coastal Canine issues.
Oh! And did I mention the “dog wall” at Rocky’s Café? You must walk to the back of the house and view the wall of dog patron photos. I must say there have been some mighty handsome visitors in the past. There are little dogs, big dogs, sleek dogs and fluffy dogs, but I heard my mom say after viewing the dog wall, “Rover- you are the best- the best of them all!”

Arf Arf

- Rover


Second Review by Sunshine N., the winner of our Spring Survey

Since I’ve had to cut nearly all recreational activities from my greatly reduced budget, you can imagine my delight at winning a gift certificate to such a nice place as Lalla Grill! Friday was a beautiful day so Ignatz Pugnacious Road Dog (Iggy to his friends) and I hopped on the Harley and rode from our home in Lompico to Monterey. Upon arrival at Lalla Grill we were greeted warmly, seated promptly, given water, and Iggy was properly fawned over. The restaurant and patio where dogs and their people are seated is beautiful. Only fifteen minutes elapsed from the time we walked in the door until our meals were served. The waitstaff were very friendly and helpful and the service was attentive without being intrusive. Since it was on a gift certificate I decided to have lobster. They were out so I ordered the filet mignon instead. Iggy had unseasoned boneless/skinless chicken breast and broccoli (pugs need to watch their waistlines you know). I was surprised Iggy’s plate of food was as large as mine and mine was certainly substantial! Even more surprising was that they got my filet cooked EXACTLY as I ordered it---a true rarity! Everything from the filet to side dishes to dessert was well-prepared and delicious. The owner even came out to welcome and chat with us. I would absolutely recommend Lalla Grill to anyone looking to have a nice meal with their canine friend. And the best part is we got to enjoy this wonderful experience for only $1.53 plus tip thanks to your gift certificate! Thank you so much again!



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