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Michael's On Main

2591 South Main Street, Soquel, CA 95073
831- 479-9777

By Rover as told to Whitney Wilde

rover review

The gazebo on the back patio at Michael’s on Main is one of my favorite spots. From there, I can look down at the creek or watch for squirrels performing acrobatics in the trees. I like the fact that I can lie in the sun or the shade depending upon my mood, and that the waiters are always good about bringing me a bowl of water when I arrive.

My nose is going a million scents a minute, and it’s everything I can do to behave myself. I almost don’t mind that my humans never share their food with me. Besides all the forest scents, there are wonderful food smells coming from the restaurant kitchen… it’s enough to make a poor pooch drown in his own drool!

My dog mom calls it cutting-edge comfort cuisine. I call it sensory overload.

Today at Sunday brunch, my dog mom has Huevos Rancheros – eggs, rich black beans, cheese, and a spicy sauce on top of crispy tortillas. Mom’s not sharing, and she is “wolfing” it down. All around me, I smell garlic fries, crab cakes, sautéed veggies, sweet potato fries, Correlitos sausage, Kobe beef… yummy!

The food at Michael’s is mainly locally grown and all organic with a creative menu that changes each season. Last week at dinner, there was pistachio crusted salmon, pork osso buco in red wine tomato citrus sauce, and spinach & artichoke raviolis.

When I spotted dogs on the bottles, I had high hopes that it was for me. But it was Wolftrap Red and Dancing Coyote Albarino. Michael’s on Main has an extensive wine menu, and we’ve even been to Michael’s for special wine tastings with local wineries.

We stay longer than usual today, enjoying live acoustic music, and my dog mom enjoyed a dessert of vanilla bean Crème Brulee (crunchy sugar crust on the outside, creamy custard on the inside). Michael himself comes out from the kitchen to say hi and give my ears a rub. There are people who say they like dogs, and then there are dog people… you can always tell the difference. Michael Clark, owner and head chef of Michael’s, is a dog person. No wonder Michael’s on Main won a Woofy Award for Favorite Lunch Restaurant!


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