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Bed and Biscuits
by Carie Broecker

bed and biscuits

Bed and Biscuits is the epitome of a business that gives back to the community. Laurie Chadwick owns Bed and Biscuits. She started managing the dog boarding, day care, and grooming facility in 1999. She immediately began working with local shelters and rescue groups to help save the lives of dogs. At any given time Bed and Biscuits provides free boarding for seven or eight homeless shelter dogs. On top of that several of her staff members also foster dogs in their own homes.

After Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Bed and Biscuits gave refuge to 30 displaced, confused dogs from New Orleans. Many of them were puppies. They all found new homes, and some are still customers coming back to visit seven years later.
Bed and Biscuits has also provided free boarding to pets involved in local disasters and private tragedies. Earthquake, flood, and fire victims who call to board their pets are told they will not be charged while they get back on their feet.

Bed and Biscuits’ grooming salon, Groomingdales, also provides free grooming to shelter/rescue dogs. Many of the dogs that come in are in horrific condition, but the groomers are happy to take the time to give these dogs a makeover, help them feel much better, and give them a new lease on life and hopefully a new look to help them get adopted.

Bed and Biscuits also generously donates elaborate gift baskets and gift certificates for auction fundraisers put on by dozens of nonprofit organizations.
As if all that isn’t enough, Bed and Biscuits also puts on their own nail clipping fundraisers which they donate to organizations such as Santa Cruz Animal Services, Santa Cruz SPCA and the ALS Association. These fundraisers typically net $800 each time.

The heart of Bed and Biscuits lies with owner, Laurie Chadwick , manager Meghan Jenkins, and their staff of 30 dedicated employees. Meghan screens new employees carefully and looks for true animal lovers with rescue, shelter, or other hands on animal experience. Bed and Biscuits has a very low rate of employee turnover with much of the staff being on board for over six years and some as long as ten years.
The facility is staffed 24 hours a day. For dogs who don’t do well in individual kennels, there is a house on the premises where a staff person sleeps with some of the dogs in bed with them!

Thank you Bed and Biscuits for your generous community spirit!


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