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Bahama Billy's

3690 The Barnyard Carmel, CA 93923, 831-626-0430

Bahama Billys

Rover Gives 5 Wags Of The Tail!

Hi. My name is Rover and I will be reviewing a dog-friendly restaurant in each edition of Coastal Canine. My first pick for this very special first edition is Bahama Billy’s at the Barnyard in Carmel.

I was at Bahama Billy’s last night with my sister and let’s just say that two Neufys are a pretty good test for any restaurant. We arrived at 6:00 pm and a very friendly person acted genuinely pleased that two huge black bears were coming to dinner. Everyone on the patio oohed and aahed, remarked at our beauty, and asked about our breed.

My handlers situated us at a table whose corner position offered a great view of the comings and goings of the two-legged folks. Without our even giving a mournful look or a soulful whimper, a waiter provided a bowl of fresh water. Although we didn’t need them this evening, I saw umbrellas for the sun and heaters in case of cold.

The people food smelled soooo good! I got a look at the garlic bread smothered with herbs and corn and olive oil and knew our people would not be able to part with even a crumb. I did take the following notes (just in case you might be interested in more than those things that interest dogs).  Words and phrases like “oh you gotta order those yummy sweet potato fries” and “what a great selection” drifted my way. But I really perked up my ears when I heard a question being asked… ”Do you have a doggie menu?”

Our friendly waiter said the kitchen was used to taking orders from dogs. They prepare chicken or hamburger patties which are taken off the grill early, cut into bite sized pieces, and allowed to cool off before serving.

So - what is the final analysis?

Five wags of the tail for Bahama Billy’s.  Our criteria: 1) plenty of oogling from the diners, 2) lots of lying down room, 3) great fresh water service and a doggy menu, 4) happy people, eating, drinking and giving us lots of pets, and 5) Bahama Billy’s has gone green - your “doggy boxes” are recyclable.

Congratulations Bahama Billy’s. You have definitely gone to the dogs. And that is the best compliment we can give you!

Arf Arf

- Rover and Sis


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