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The Crepe Place

1134 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 www.thecrepeplace.com
By Rover as told to Whitney Wilde

the crepe place

The Crepe Place

Woof! Woof! Woof! My nose can tell by the scrumptious smells that we’re going to the Crepe Place! Their doggie entrance is sniff-a-licious with aromas as we pass the kitchen to get to the patio... a secret garden unseen from the street, a tall fence surrounding a lush oasis. At night, the gardens are lit by little twinkly lights and there are large heaters for when it’s chilly.

Once settled at a patio table, my nose works overtime. Blended with garden scents are fantastic fragrances of spicy French onion soup and crepes filled with a variety of cheeses, seafood, pesto, Cajun spices, fresh organic veggies, and so much more. Mom orders the Crepe Gatsby filled with chicken, sun-dried tomato, spinach, feta, mushrooms, mozzarella and Romano cheese. It’s so tasty, she never shares any of it with me and wolfs it all down herself!

My mom loves to enjoy a late night snack with friends at the Crepe Place... hot spiced cider and an apple crepe with walnuts, raisins and gooey white cheddar cheese.the crepe place The Crepe Place is one of the few eateries in Santa Cruz that serve food late (until midnight Sunday through Thursday and till 1am Friday and Saturday).
The Crepe Place is more than just delicious dishes for humans. Manager Dave Pierce (who is owned by a coupla mutts), knows how to show a pooch a good time and co-hosts two events every month: Doggie Drive-in and Café Canine. The first Sunday of every month is Doggie Drive-in and we watch a free movie. Last month we had some of the canine stars of “Viva Los Perros” at our film screening! I’ve also had a tail waggin’ good time listening to some great local musicians at Café Canine. My favorite is Rhan Wilson with his funny original tune about his own pup... “she goes lick licka lick lick.”  These events are co-hosted by the Crepe Place and Woofers & Walkers.

It’s not very often that a restaurant asks a mutt like me to taste test their menu, but in order to better serve its pooch patrons, Crepe Place owners Adam Bergeron and Eric Gifford are working on a new “dog menu,” and they have asked my opinion! It should be available very soon, and you’ll get to see my picks for the best hound hors d’oeuvres. Adam says, “We love our well-behaved, happy customers -- both two- and four-legged -- and we want to make the Crepe Place an enjoyable experience for all!” 

The Crepe Place gets five wags of the tail rating for their atmosphere, their dog-loving staff and customers, their people food, and their new dog menu. By the way, the Crepe Place is within a mile of Seabright Beach (dogs welcome on leash) and Frederick Street Park with its off-leash area. What could be a better appetizer?

Arf, Arf! Rover


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