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Getting in touch with your inner human

By Cejas the Dog

cejasMaggie, the human who lives with me, says that a dog is your soul with fur on it. That’s more than food for thought, it’s a whole bag of cookies.
Humans often call their dogs a member of the family. Amanda Seyfried told People magazine, "I'm obsessed with my dog. He's become my son." Stars and their "canine babies" were featured in Parents Magazine. Clint Black and Lisa Hartman just added a new Labradoodle puppy to their two others; he calls them Velcro'd because "they're hard to pull apart."

Of his Golden Retriever, Bravo, Leon Panetta said, ".... having a dog there just makes you a little more aware of what life is really about.”

If a dog is thought to be part human, then couldn’t a human be part dog? Some have already been in touch with their inner dog. Take John Wayne.

He always asked friends to call him “Duke.” Why did he use it as his nickname all his life? It was the name of his childhood dog, that's why. Duke was an Airdale and went everywhere with John Wayne when his name was still Marion Morrison. Because he was always with Duke, a local fireman nicknamed the young boy Little Duke. John Wayne stayed in touch with his inner dog all his life. 

Hints to tell the part of you that's dog: Isn't it calming when you pet us? Don't your spirits rise when we welcome you home? Don't you think of us with love?
I don’t expect humans to start giving each other the sniff test instead of shaking hands, or multiplying their years by seven, but if you want to get in touch with your inner dog, look to your heart. That's where we are.


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