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Summer 2009 Survey Results

Congratulations to Jorelyn Anne Dunn from Pacific Grove for telling us about what amazes her about her dog and winning lunch for two at Rocky's Cafe in Felton!

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our on line survey. Here are the results:

dog with stick

Is your dog "spooky smart"?

  • Yes- 67% of readers surveyed
  • No- 33% of readers surveyed

What is something your dog has done or does on a regular basis that has amazed or amazes you?

  • I have three dogs, two Berners and a Sheltie and they always walk in the heel position with the Sheltie in between the Berners. They will get
    "out of order" when visiting someone but when we start walking again, they "heel up" in the usual formation. It still amazes me that they do it all on their own.
  • My dog is so smart that she loves to catches balls everytime in the air while jumping as u throw the ball.
  • look right/look lerft/ twirl/spin/ where's the (any one of ten things).
  • Last month (he's 14 months old) it took me less than 30 minutes to get Tex off the beach! Ha! He stays within 20 yards of me now (he's learning!) and comes to the car within 30 seconds! Nice.
  • No matter what my mood, no matter how frustrated or happy I am with outside situations, Cubby loves me 200%. She is excited to see me every single day and if it's a day that she comes to work with me, she's extraordinarily happy and loving....every single time.
  • It may seem a small thing, and maybe it's more delight than amazement... But delight counts, right? Atlas, my 4-year-old chocolate lab, regularly approaches lovely, large ceramic pots of water put out for the benefit of dogs as well as lowly buckets of water at the dog park and home. He may deign to take a quick sip, but then paws through the water, splashing up a storm, and knocking the buckets over. If I righten and refill the buckets, he'll do it all over again. As he does this on cool as well as warm days I'm pretty sure it's just for the joy of it,
  • She knows how to catch that darn tail that keeps following her. She is a lab pup...what can I say!
  • He learns new tricks very quickly.
  • Raised two tiny kittens to adulthood.
  • My doggies dance.....for treats....and for my neighbors' twins in my yard...very cute!
  • She is so full of energy, she acts like a puppy even though she is almost 4, take her out for running and walks every day.
  • Past dog: such a faithful dog, our cocker poo. Tessie Belle, when we were vacationing when I was a child at Dauphen Island, near the south tip of Alabama, Tessie Bell loved my Mom so much that she followed her into the ocean and shadowed her, it was the way that she did it, I know dogs love water but it was done with such love and trust, we have always remembered that!
  • He can remember where his toy is even if its been days and he has dropped it somewhere on the property!
  • Comes when he's called on the beach!!!!!!!!!
  • Bentley has been to work with me everyday since he was 8 weeks old. He's now 2 1/2 years old and perfect. When I introduce him to a new client, he will sit and then offer his paw as a handshake. If he really likes the client, he will go immediately to his toy box and pull out his coveted monkey. Not everyone gets the moneky but if you do, you're in with Bentley.
  • They can tell time! They know when family members are supposed to be coming home and they go to the front room sit on the arm of the chair and stare out the window until they arrive.
  • Cosmo's sense of smell is very acute and never ceases to amaze me. Whether it is showing interest in the goings-on in the kitchen,collecting a culinary treasure from the sidewalk, or locating his Kong ball (filled with dry biscuits) his 'sniffer' works very well indeed! A variation of this is when he smells food I am eating or about to eat. He will put a paw (sometimes 2) on the table and look back and forth at me and the treat dujour, staying there until he has succeeded in obtaining at least one treat and sometimes more. What a pup!
  • Kobe, my beagle/shep mix can get into any garbage can ever made and can also get through any cabinet lock we've tried. we've even tried tying the kitchen cabinet shut with a leash. one day we set up our web cam and filmed him loosening the knot in the leash with his teeth. he then not only pulled the leash to get it loose from the cabinet but he used one of his front feet to brace against the cabinet to get more leverage as he pulled the leash with his teeth. We have never been able to outsmart him so we now pull the garbage can out from under the sink each morning and keep it on top of the stove when we're not home. :) Iswear if i can ever invent a truly dog-proof garbage can that is affordable, I will be rich!
  • I have a cat who shares similar attributes to those of a dog.She comes when I call her and wags her tail when we go for a walk.
  • My mother and I do not like each other...after we got Grandpa, he got wind of this and promptly, every few weeks, manages to take a dump on her photo, which is on the bottom/floor shelf of my bookself. Mind you, he has to back up to it and hike his butt up to make this happen, but it does.
  • My Dog Grace was "dumped" in my neighborhood 2 years ago around the age 1 1/2. On 8-29-09 she successfully passed the canine wilderness search and rescue test for The Office of Emergency Services (OES). She searched 155 acres and found 3 decoys that had been planted earlier. She is amazing.
  • J is definitely too smart for this owner...his latest "trick" is to haved opened the locked dog door (for the 1st time in ten yrs)to get into the back yard when a workman was attempting repairs...after I had assured the workman that dog was locked in house...poor man was NOT pleased and since I wasn't home he just left....Thanks JJ...you're such a great watch dog.
  • He remembers where our friend keeps the dog treats in her dining room buffet. The last time we were there, visiting in her backyard, Jack made his way around the house, opened the sliding glass door, opened the "treat drawer", took out the new bag of treats, and helped himself to a few snacks. "Where there's a will, there's a way".....that's Jack's motto!
  • He is a "velcro dog" meaning he sticks to us pretty closely. Sometimes he's so close that we can't find him. Turn left, not there. Turn right, not there. Where's the dog? He's right behind you!!!
  • Sir Winston my shih tzu rescue is very empathetic to the other animals in the house..If one of the other dogs or cats is in distress or stuck - Sir Winston gets loud barking and going in circles til we follow him to the problem. A kitten got stuck behind the laundry basket and he frantically barked and ran to where our kitten was and back to us so we could get him. Another time one of my dogs, Tupelo Honey was ill with ear infection, and depressed. Sir Winston bathed hsi ear and would pace barking at me to get him help. Also, when a human in the house is ill, Sir Wonston stands vigil and stays close giving snuggles and comfort.
  • When I tell him bring his toys in from the yard , he goes and gets them, brings them in one by one!
  • When a raccoon got in the house the little Sheltie was the one that was the first to know and get it trapped in a window box. The Berners were her backup but she was the bravest and saved the day ( night) !The amazing thing is she is usually on the shy,reserved side. She really stepped up for all of us that night!
  • She knows what suitcases mean.
  • He knows before I say anything or even get ready to leave that I am leaving; and, starts his best "take meeeeee!" impression complete with a bark that ends in a howl.
  • Casie loves to play with the flashlight. She even took it off the bookshelf, turned it on, then plays catch the spot by herself. Now most of the time she wants someone else to play with her or to turn on the light for her but she doesn't always wait for the human side to play. She will play with the light for an hour with out tiring. This is a real laugh fest for us humans.
  • She frequently opens doors with her nose. She also closes doors and cabinet doors.
  • He always goes "on alert" about five minutes before my housemate or I come home. Since this is at different times everyday, it can't just be a routine that he knows. He just seems to "feel" when either of us is coming home and gets excited.
  • My dog Bunny can read my moods and reacts differently depending on what's bugging me. If I'm sad, she will come sit with me, or lay her body close to me and very gently lick my face. If I'm angry, she sits in her crate and watches me, coming out when the storm has passed and the coast is clear. If I'm just having a bad day, she'll pick up one of her stuffed toys and lay down playing quietly with it maybe 10 feet away from me. Then she'll get up and move a little closer with her toy, lay down and play some more. Then she'll keep repeating the process until she gets close enough to offer the toy to me. Who could stay upset?
  • When she leaps, all four legs go up at the same time.
  • I work for myself and have no set schedule. But GiGi always knows when it is Sunday, which is our dog walk day. She wakes me up ARLY with a nose in my face, to let me know that today is the day we go walk with all our puppy friends.