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Fall 2009 Survey Results

Congratulations to Kuanmei Huang from San Francisco for telling us about what makes her dog the happiest and winning lunch for two at Forge in the Forest in Carmel!

Don't forget to fill out our latest survey before March 1 for your chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate to the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz.



Thank you to everyone who participated in our on line survey. Here are the results:

dog with stick

What does your dog do to let you know he/she is REALLY happy??

  • • Jumps up and down all over me when I get home and "talks" to me letting me know what happened with her day - she is always VERY happy when I get home.
  • • Ears go back & they wag & get closer to me. They might whine or bark in anticipation of a walk or word.
  • • Our dog Neiko runs in a circle from the living room to the kitchen and back two or three times. He wags his little stub tail as fast as it can go and SMILES! Pretty funny for an 88 lb Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix!
  • •Bentley absolutely smiles when he's happy....
  • • Jumps and dances - don't ALL dogs do this when they're happy? :-)
    As an 11 month old doberman, she also gets the "zoomies", could make butter with the whipping around in circles again and again.
  • • She lays on our big king size bed on her back with her legs pointed towards the ceiling so we will rub her belly. Although she is seven years old, she will still run around in tight circles like a puppy when her daddy comes home from work.
  • • Our dog Neiko runs in a circle from the living room to the kitchen and back two or three times. He wags his little stub tail as fast as it can go and SMILES! Pretty funny for an 88 lb Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix!
  • • She will cuddle next to me on the sofa and place one of her front paws on my lap as we relax together. When my family takes her for a drive, sometimes she will place her head on my shoulder as I am sitting in front while sniffing the air from the window. Often, she will just relax laying on her back with her legs up in the air as showing a sign of contentment but with the hope that someone will come by and give her a tummy rub.
  • • He runs around in circles, making high pitched yipping noises and keeps giving unsolicited high fives.
  • • Nanuq, a Samoyed, smiles all day long to show how happy he is.
  • • She jumps and spins at the same time and then goes into a play bow!
  • • Smiles.
  • • He fluctuates between wagging his liitle nub of a tail as he is an Aussie; and, purses his lips, throws back his head, juts out his lower lip, and barks with a roo roo and slight howl.
  • • When she is really happy her nose flairs and she goes into full body wagging.
  • • My dog Leo gives me nonstop kisses when he is really happy. Since he is such a happy dog in nature, it is hard to pin point one way to show his happiness. But, if it's not his kisses, or him snuggling up next to me it is just the way he looks at me.
  • • Iggy, my pug, squeaks, whimpers and waggles his everything practically turning himself inside out! Then, while still waggling, gives me millions of kisses as fast as he can for as long as I let him. It is HILARIOUS and always makes me almost fall over laughing! What a guy!
  • • When Bunny is REALLY happy, she prances instead of walks, her ears are at the top of her head, flapping in the breeze, and she smiles a huge smile. She's ready to go, ready to walk, run, swim or play.
  • • By giving me the biggest smile upon returning from a walk...by resting their chin on my ankle at the end of the day, just to say "I'm here if you need me", and by staying close by when I'm sad or worried.

What makes your dog the happiest?

  • Playing tag around the living room with me or eating a pig ear, but both together even more.
  • One loves to be petted. The other loves to go for a walk and chase a ball
  • Her pack - her humans! When we leave and come back (always), she acts as if we have magical gifts that astound her.
  • Saying the word CAR gets an immediate reaction of joy! Also hearing the key in the lock when my husband Steve gets home causes him to jump up and his little stub tail starts working overtime - it's a little blurry black ball. Neiko greets Steve at the door with a toy in his mouth ready to play tug and does a vocalization that only happens when he greets Steve. Must be a guy thing!
  • He's happiest at the beach. There is no other place he enjoys half as much.
  • Being with her family, especially if we can all be by a place where she can swim. Some of her best days are driving to Carmel, walking on the beach, then going to Forge in the Forest. The last time we went to Carmel we parked about 3 blocks away from the restaurant and the dog seemed to lead us there on her own.
  • My dog, Amber is the happiest when she gets a tummy rub as her feet start to wiggle and her ears fold back. She also loves tug-o-war and keep away games. Such games make her bark enthusiastically. Amber is always ready for a challenge. She also loves going for walks and rides in the car. My dog is a real "social butterfly" as she loves visiting with other dogs and meeting people.
  • Ice-cream and the word "ice-cream".
  • Venison treats and deer antlers.
  • Running and playing on Carmel beach!
  • Playing at From the Heart doggie daycare.
  • Hanging with us...as he has been able to experience so many things since his rescue-from playing in the ocean and rivers, to camping with more than 13+ other Aussies.
  • Me! okay thats pretty vain actually there are a few people she absolutley LOVES and of course going to carmel beach.
  • I believe that the unconditional love that we as a family have for our dog and his in return makes him the happiest. He is a creature of habbit. Just knowing that when we get home he knows he is going to get our love and affection right after his walk. Wouldn't that make you happy?
  • He is happiest when I come home if he hasn't seen me for a few hours. He gets to come to work with me and I almost always take him everywhere with me because he is so well-behaved, so it is rare that he gets left alone. When I get home, he is just beside himself with joy!What a spoiled boy!
  • Going for a walk in the trails past Lovers Point in Pacific Grove. She loves smelling the ocean, the rocks, the plants, the seaweed, the trail....everything is all new and different every time we return. She also loves the Tails and Trails hikes at the SPCA property on Saturdays. She's out in nature exploring every hillside, hole and plant.
  • Going for walks to the beach, the park, the neighborhood, wherever they can dine at a public restaurant to get their "quarter hounder". And, just spending time with their family.